“Mashhara, Majakiya, Vidusak, Jokar, Clown … Ye Sab Hamare Nam Hai” – Sahir

ABOUT TIME…I Watched Dhoom 3 and as much as I didn’t want to like it … I enjoyed it very much. Hands down and quite evident that it was Aamir Khan’s film from the beginning right to the end; his performance was flawless. However, noted credit should be given to Vijay Krishna Acharya for finally making a Dhoom movie that has a back story and an emotional twist for the thief or thieves 😉 motive to rob.


Just a quick round-up of the other actors despite Aamir Khan … Junior Bachchan, oh how I miss seeing Abhishek on the big screen! He suits the role of the intelligent and confident police officer impeccably; although he will never steal the limelight, the series would not be the same without him. Uday Chopra needs to get killed off in the next Dhoom sequel haha, his role is unnecessary and a waste of screen time. Jackie Shroff! … Always nice and heart-warming to see actors I used to admire while growing up. The leading lady, thankfully didn’t have much screen time nor was it really needed. However, she looks breath taking, has corky style in the movie and holy jeez that girl can MOVE! Her performance in ‘Kamli’ is worth mentioning and no one could have filled the shoes of Aaliya better then Katrina Kaif. If you haven’t already seen the movie, atleast check out Kat’s sizzling dance number:

Aside from performances, I LOVED the aspect of the ‘Great Indian Circus’ … it was intriguing to see Bollywood’s glamorous take on a circus. Watching ‘Malang’ was a real treat for the eyes, my peepers were completely glued to the screen; the choreography, the colors, the art and Aamir Khan actually kept up with Katrina Kaif … it was all beautiful and really impressive. Stunts …a handful of way too many unbelievable stunts and numerous parts where my brother and I would look over to another and say “Only in a Bollywood movie”… but hey I guess its creating that experience for audiences and that’s what they expect from a Dhoom movie. Overall, an enjoyable and entertainment film that’s worth the watch, especially if you’re an Aamir Khan fan and enjoyed the other Dhoom films.

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