#FABLIST: Priyanka’s NEW Shabby Styling

2014 has kicked off as a phenomenal ‘stylish’ beginning for Piggy Chop’s. A few prime references: her bad ass Mcqueen gown for the Filmfare awards and her quirky and fun retro look for the press conference of Filmfare. Looks like Peecee has a new style direction for 2014 … oh thank god! I swear some of the outfits she wears are extremely questionable
or her stylist simply clothes her and forgets the ‘styling’ aspect of her job description lol.


Mad Stylin’ for Filmfare 2014

 With GUNDAY releasing next week (which is definitely going to be the highlight of my Valentine’s Day), Priyanka has been spotted in one spectacular outfit after the other. I’ve been extremely impressed with each and every look with a little criticism here and there; but for the most part I think she really stepped up her game and pulled off a handful of versatile looks. Way to inspire women to really experiment and have fun with their outfits Mz. Exotic! Well atleast I know I’m excited and looking forward to Spring more than ever now (WHAT IS UP WITH THIS FREEZING WEATHER??!! Please already just snow and be well on your way Winter, I’ve had enough.) Anyway, here are my favorite looks of Priyanka from GUNDAY promotions… especially digging all the PRINTS!

FAR LEFT: Atsu dress and Louboutin pumps; LEFT: McQ evil bunny sweatshirt leather pants and lace Louboutin booties; RIGHT: Missoni dress and Jimmy Choo’s; FAR RIGHT: Surendri by Yogesh Chaudhary and Zara pumps

I NEED that evil bunny sweater in my life! Which of Peecee’s looks did you like most for GUNDAY promotions?!

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