“Agar Jigar Ki Jagah Jigar Hai Aur Jigar Mein Dum Hai … Toh Rok Le Aake” – Bikram


I had a splendid Saturday afternoon as I saw one of my most awaited movies of 2014… GUNDAY. The easiest way for me to sum up my thoughts … it’s a straight masala packed bromance with that desi girl twist 😉 I seriously couldn’t wait for this movie to release! Aside, from seeing Priyanka and her sizzling cabaret dance number, I was looking forward to an action packed thriller with a relatively interesting male lead duo. GUNDAY was nothing short of entertainment; with worth-mentioning performances, a predictable yet pleasurable script, prime fashion inspired through the 80’s and some catchy tunes (lyrics to ‘Tune Maari Entriyaan’ are just hilarious … totally reminds me of a few Govinda songs)

Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor excel in their roles, feeding off of one another impeccably throughout the duration of the film. No surprise here, the entire movie is centered on their close knick friendship. However, as an audience I truly was able to relate and emphasize with Bikram and Bala’s childhood friendship. I feel that this was probably one of the director’s greatest challenges and he overcame this by giving his viewers a back story on their friendship and really portraying the individual character traits of Bikram and Bala. Kudos to Ali Abbas Zafar!

“Agar Jigar Ki Jagah Jigar Hai Aur Jigar Mein Dum Hai … Toh Rok Le Aake” – Bikram

Ranveer Singh … seriously “hai hai mein mar jawan” Aside from paying close attention to his muscles and rock hard pecks literally bulging out of every shirt and hoping that his shirt would just rip off magically ha-ha! I had no doubt in mind that he would deliver a solid performance… cheesy yet strong dialogues, hilarious comedy skits and natural romantic scenes (his chemistry with Priyanka was really something and ‘Jiya’ is mesmerizing from point A to Z) Although, what I personally admire in him as an actor is how well and innately he carries his emotional scenes. He’s a confident actor, which in turn corresponds to delivering these flawless and well-contained scenes. Did I mention he’s just too sexy? 😉

Moving along to the other hooligan …Arjun Kapoor was impressive and he must have had a lot of pressure, considering who his co-stars were. I expected him to fit the role of a Gunda very well and he did. He had his share of funny skits, well played scenes of a much darker character and he is pretty sexy as well; it’s definitely those droopy yet intoxicating eyes and that crooked smile. At one point, I thought he was completely out performing Ranveer, hence while walking out of the theatres, I could not pin point who was the better Gunda. Can’t forget the good guy … Irrfan Khan is obviously excellent in his role as the cop with some meaty dialogues; guess you can’t really expect a bad performance from him.


Peecee … it’s quite obvious for me to say that the art of acting is second nature for her now. It is evident from her opening dialogue, her sexy cabaret number, how effortlessly and beautifully she carries herself in one saree after the other and this one particular outburst scene she shares with Arjun Kapoor (She definitely still has it in her) She’s a women of many gifted talents and considering how much dedication she has been putting into her music career and other impressive commitments, its heart-warming to see that being a great actress is something that she still excels in and till date is able to sway her fans.

To sum up, GUNDAY in entertaining… possibly not the best ‘date’ movie, however a movie that is worth your while with your best bud. All great performances that are not exceptional or award-winning, but worth giving credit to. A fairly predictable story line that is nothing new to Bollywood cinema but is amusing to watch and to appreciate the friendships you have with certain people. Oh and ladies if you think this movie is not for you … your peepers are in for a serious treat 😉

There you have it! Happy Sunday Funday everyone!

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