Viva Glam Rihanna in support of HIV and Aids

I am very impressed with my most recent makeup purchase from MAC – Rihanna’s new Viva Glam lipstick. I think its fare for me to say that her collaboration with MAC has been the definition of all kinds of sexy; considering I have bought every single one of her lipsticks till date. Seriously, how could a girl not?!

Although, I was a little hesitant on purchasing this one as I already have Riri Woo which is the perfect matte bright red lipstick, very similar to Ruby Woo. However, I’m really glad that I did buy this one; it’s a frost finish and doesn’t dehydrate my lips in comparison to the Riri Woo. The lipstick shade has a slight pink and sparkly tint to it, beautiful packaging and it’s always a great feeling when a number of women stop you in the mall to complement and inquire about your fabulous lip color.

Viva Glam Rihanna in support of HIV and Aids

Aside from the glamorous aspect of things, I really appreciate and love supporting MAC in their constant involvement with charities and giving back globally. I bought two of these lipsticks (no I’m not crazy, I bought one for a friend lol) and 100 % of proceeds went towards feeding a total of 16 women, men and children affected with HIV/Aids. For $20, I felt wonderful and got a pretty kick ass lipstick… not bad at all. Ladies, I am positive that this lipstick will be sold out VERY SOON and for those of you that love Rihanna’s collaboration with MAC, she will be having another Viva Glam collection for the summer. Stoked beyond words!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone! I know I will 😉

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