LUXY CREATION – “Creating your dream vision into reality”

Luxy Creation


Luxy Creation is the brainchild of Raman and Gurp. It is a fashion label where two sisters express their creative talent and passion for the art of design through different fabrics and beautiful color palettes. The design house specializes in South Asian fashion with that evident fusion edge, inspired from different parts of India and its culture. Their services include custom orders as the inventive sister duo choose to keep a very minimal amount of in-house stock; much rather focusing on creative collaborations amongst one another or implementing their clients picture perfect vision into reality.

Prior to their amazing journey as a fashion brand over a year ago, Gurp and Raman initially designed clothes for their family members as a hobby. When the question of owning a fashion label came into play, many factors were taken into consideration. However, the greatest challenge was hiring a talented and trust-worthy craftsman who could bring their sketches to life. The girls reminisce on how difficult and time consuming this process was as they had to finalize all details over the phone to open their unit in India. Although, this was probably the hardest factor to overcome, Luxy Creation was destined to be. Yes, both sisters are the creative minds behind the fashion brand, hence they give credit to their team in India for making the real magic happen.



Q. In the cut-throat South Asian fashion industry what do you think is your competitive edge as designers?

A. The intricate work and fusion design in our outfits, as well as fairly reasonable prices.

Q. Given the opportunity to work alongside any fashion designer who would it be and why?

A. Manish Malhotra of course! We love how all of his designs are always so detailed

Q. Luxy Creations has an impressive following through social media outlets – Instagram/Facebook. Do you find it difficult managing your real life and digital life? Any tips you would like to share?

A. We have adapted social media into our daily lives, therefore it is not difficult to balance between our real and digital life. As for tips, time management is really important! 

There you all have it! Hope you are all inspired and blown away by Luxy Creation as much as I was when I first came across their Instagram page. Be sure to follow them on Instagram for a OOTN giveaway, which I will be posting sometime in the coming week. Also, I will be rocking a beautiful piece from the fabulous fashion brand for the Shakti Awards.  Keep posted!

Thank you for reading everyone and make sure to spread some love to Luxy Creation:

Facebook: Luxy Creation

Instagram: luxycreation


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