Day 1 at VFW!

I attended the first day of runway shows with my cousin, Jason who I never get to hang out with because we both take on way too much then we should and our schedules never match! Hehe but last minute plans always go through and I had a fabulous time watching all the talented designers showcase their interesting take on fashion with Jason at VFW’s first day of runway shows.

Day 1 at VFW!

Overall, the first day was impressive and every designer bought something different to the catwalk. However, the man of the evening, hands down was Gabriel Lage. The models carried themselves in such grace and pose in the finest Haute Couture collection that is compare worthy to collections you would expect from international fashion houses. From the beginning right till the very end, I was sitting at the edge of my seat snapping a shot of every single piece being showcased. Hence, pictures do not give his designs any sort of justification, this was a show that every individual regardless of whether they have an interest in fashion or not would appreciate. In the simplest terms, his collection was absolutely breath-taking and the most exquisite expression of art I have ever seen at VFW. Neutral color palettes of beiges, golds, black and whites embellished in head to toe crystal work, the most intricate detailing with a combination of different fabrics, beyond flattering silhouettes to really accentuate a women’s form, etc . (Clearly, I’m at a loss for words ha-ha) Not that I wasn’t already short of breath, Gabriel’s showstopper bridal gown left me completely speechless and I will let the pictures do all the talking for that piece …


Aside from all the glitz and glam on the catwalk, Jason pointed out and literally started hyperventilating when he saw the fairy, Keegan Connor Tracy from Once Upon A Time. We were able to snap a picture with her …she was such a sweetheart and exceptionally pretty.


My highlight of the evening was getting the chance to meet the designers that flew all the way from India to showcase in our city, Parvesh Jai and Shravan Kumar who were all hanging out in VFW’s VIP yesterday together. Such wonderful and lively personalities! We talked about KARMA, Vancouver and its absurd weather changes, Fashion Week and I recommended a few places they should check out when they have some free time. I also got the opportunity to pick at their brains a little with some relevant questions to Fashion and their collection at VFW this season. Keep posted for some great industry spotlight posts!


Far Left: Shravan Kumar, Left: Parvesh, Right: Jai

And that’s that … skipping out on Day 2 of the runaway shows to catch up on serious sleep and some mad writing.

Photo Courtesy: KARMA Photo for KARMA Magazine

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