PARVESH JAI – Creating once in a lifetime fairy-tale couture pieces


Travelling all the way from India to “reveal the beauty in all human beings” fashion pioneers, Parvesh Jai will make a bold and sexy statement in unusual ways at Vancouver Fashion Week tomorrow 😉 Specializing in Indian Ethnics to evening dresses and even swimwear, the artists have established a national reach throughout different parts of the world. A few prime achievements from their extensive list includes: creating costumes for various French Operas, sharing the ramp with fashion houses such as Armani and Luca Luca and conquering the runway at countless fashion weeks/events (Lakme Fashion Week, India Fashion Week, Pret-a-porter, WWD Magic, Dubai Fashion Week, Nolcha fashion week, Femina pret-a-porter, ethical fashion show, etc)


I am so pleased to share that just yesterday, I had the opportunity to connect with the extremely talented designer duo and pick at their brains a little, here’s the 411:

Q. Tell us a bit about your collection you will be showcasing at VFW?

A. The theme of this collection is “The Baroque princess”, it is our A/W 2014 collection.Which takes inspiration from the royal princesses of Baroque Era, who are re-living there life in 21st century. The collection comprises of evening gowns, jump suits, caftans, tunics, jackets and shrugs. We have done lots of zari pitta work with metallic mix media, in a very modern way of surface ornamentations on fabrics like georgette, silks, satins and net. It’s basically for the global women who love to travel , live there life to the fullest without any boundaries.

Q. What advice do you have aspiring designers?

A. Believe in yourself and be patient

Q. Given the opportunity to collaborate with any fashion designer, who would it be and why?

A. We would love to get associated with brands like Balenciaga, Roberto Cavalli and Jean Paul Gaultier

Q. What would you like to see change in the fashion industry?

A. For any country, fashion designers are like cultural brand ambassadors. Those who are running the nation should really implement a much more supportive system for designers and even better promotional strategy for young talent.

Q. What excites and inspires you as designers?

A. Color, form, travelling, textures, flavours and forms


Inspired and motivated I hope! … These gentlemen were such a pleasure to chat with, I felt completely at ease as we bashed weather forecast reporters and hysterically laughed at the most random things. All in all, amazing personalities and even more talented designers. Cannot wait to see their collection at VFW tomorrow!

Thank you for reading everyone and make sure to spread some love:

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