Day 4 at VFW!

I had planned to attend Vancouver Fashion Week every single day this season and of course that did not go as intended. Although, I made sure to make an appearance on Friday as it was South Asian night at VFW! With three Indian designers showcasing for the evening, it was uplifting to see many familiar faces from the community flocked under one roof to support culture, art, history and the overall different genres of Indian fashion. Surrey’s finest, Well Groomed and two designer brands deriving from India, Shravan Kumar and Parvesh Jai presented mesmerizing collections that were distinct and diverse from any other.


Parvesh Jai’s collection was fit for the modern trend-setting queen of the 21st century. The dream team mastered a flawless fusion collection, where every western piece had the right elements of Indian flare. Their showcase consisted of a classic color palette of blacks, golds and metallic in mishmash with fabrics such as georgettes, net, silks and satins. With a considerably larger collection, P&J had the audiences intrigued at the edge of their seats and coveting for more through an alluring catwalk presentation and well accomplished model, Sabina Pasha as the showstopper. Every piece was nothing short of spectacular; however I was fond of the well-tailored jumpsuits in reason to the attention to detail and overall movement of the pants while the models sashayed across the runway! But what I was really, really fond of that I couldn’t even contain myself and of course made the best impulsive purchase of my life, were the beautiful jackets – such a gorgeous take on the high-low style and insane amount of intricate work! (So glad I own of these bad boys!) What an on-point collection for the upcoming Fall/Winter, encore P&J for the next season of VFW?! *Fingers Crossed*


Shravan Kumar’s collection was fit for the urbane and tasteful man and women who are fond of history and appreciate craftmanship. Presenting a collection of ethnic wear with a hint of western motifs and great attention to detail, Shravan was most definitely the man of the evening. His showcase consisted of a regal and striking color palette in combination with fabrics from different parts of India. Prior to presenting his collection, he had gifted all front row guests with a traditional gold chimed bangle in a beautiful organza bag alongside a polished brochure. Which was then followed by a short video – “An ode to the Weave and Weavers” by Shravan Kumar, that expressed his compassion, love and soul he shares for the art of design. As for the runway show, the opening consisted of all the models sprinting to the catwalk in dim light, giving a sneak peak of what to expect for the next 10 minutes or so, which captivated the audiences from the beginning to the very end.


My favorite piece was a this red, green and gold combination gown with full sleeves, an emphasized and voluminous bottom and immense detailing; Christmas definitely came early ha-ha 😉 Although, I must say that I almost liked the men’s wear a tad bit more in comparison to the women’s. The printed blazers were phenomenal, color combinations were well executed and the diverse turban looks tied each and every outfit together impeccably. Mr. Kumar’s show was the most anticipated for Day 5 … all audiences were left in complete awe! Would love to see Shravan come back for the next season of VFW … cannot stress how humble, talented and kind this man is.


Finally, our very own Well Groomed showcased their “Once Upon a Bride” collection, which was fit for all modern-day brides looking for alternative options for the most prosperous day of their lives. It really felt as if princesses were stepping out of a glamorous fairy tale world straight onto the runway. The collection consisted of beautiful gowns in a warm and neutral color palette, complemented with intricate details and stones that glistened like Swarvoski crystals. Being a complete sucker for fashion, I think I’m a bigger sucker for Bollywood. I was touched with Well Groomed’s opening act for their showcase which was a solo violinist playing Tum Hi Ho. Extremely bias, hence my favorite part to their catwalk presentation. As for my favorite piece on the runway, it was the showstopper outfit that Miss World delegate, Jasmeen Johal wore.  I’m certainly a sucker for gold … this gown was absolutely exquisite and reminded me a much more tweaked and contemporary version of Belle’s famous yellow gown. There is nothing more satisfying to see a local Indian designer showcase two successful seasons in a row; I’m hoping that Well Groomed will commit to VFW every season for the sake of our South Asian community in Vancouver and of course fashion at its finest.



Photo Courtesy:

Mike Phang Photography

KARMA Photo for KARMA Magazine


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