Flashback Friday: Best of LFW Summer Resort 2014

About time I did my review on Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 2014. After attending VFW last week, watching majority of live streams of LFW from the week before and indulging in WIFW this week; I’ve always known but came to serious realization that other components aside from having a great collection play just as an important factor to showcase a successful yet engaging collection. Qualities such as visual appeal, unique choreography, energy of models, size of the collection, etc are all crucial and could be strong strength or even weakness factors to the overall runway presentation and triumph of the show. This is why my review on LFW is of course on fashion, but mostly on designers who took that extra mile to exhibit their collections. In no particular sequence, here is my round-up of the best of LFW SR 2014 🙂


Flashback Friday: Best of LFW Summer Resort 2014

The next best combination to macaroni cheese which I consider the food of the gods was MAWI and Gaurav Gupta’s killer collaboration. This seemed to be nothing short of an extravagant dark theatrical show invaded by fierce, Egyptian aliens. Models sauntered down the catwalk wearing evening gowns, pre-draped sarees and jewels fit for an empress to powerful music . Gupta’s collection consisted of a bold metallic color palette of blacks, navy blues, coppers and golds with just the right pop of vibrant oranges and teals. The smoldering color palette worked impeccably with MAWI’s jewellery collection comprised of statement necklaces, brooches, bold earrings and oversized cuffs; creating the perfect crossover of how a futuristic princess meets an ancient pharaoh. Obviously, the fashion could not have been more on point; but what personally enticed me was the overall illusion created through the smoke machine and a massive space ship positioned over the ramp, accompanied with two massive architectural birds on opposite sides. Quite impressive beyond words … always wonderful to see well accomplished pioneers of the industry opting to improve themselves and present something where there heart and soul is evident in their work. Kudo’s to the designer duo team… exquisite fashion, beautiful set and complementary music all worked in conjunction to create that mysterious and captivating mood. What a show!




Another debuting designer that swayed the audience through her corky and daring take on fusion fashion with the showcase of her “Roar”collection.  What I personally loved about her pieces was the brilliant choli’s (particularly this one bustier blouse with different accents of pinks), metal detailing, the warm bright summer colors and the incorporation of jewelry into her designs which were roaring and elaborate. Aside from extremely fun fashion, the beauties of the runway integrated great energy and spunk to their catwalk as a few of them pulled out their smartphones and took selfies while striking a pose. This was phenomenal and as consumers, buyers and a general audience completely appealing and relatable. While taking an OOTD, world-weariness, hanging out with friends in any sort of general setting such as dinner, a fashion show or a night out… we all do it! Amazing how the slightest details make the greatest impact …nothing out of the ordinary but utilizing what consumers are familiar and savvy with. Nicely played out Subhika!



I might have been maybe 6 years old and I remember watching with my mom every week, probably the first Indian drama to air on channel 20 called “Aurat” The lead role was played by Mandira Bedi and the television series revolved around her ventures, struggles and fight for independence, living in very traditional society. Who can also forget her iconic negative role as Mandira in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi and cute little Preeti in Diwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. From acting to modelling to hosting and now a fashion designer, I cannot put into words how much respect and adoration I have for this empowering woman and all her accomplishments as a real struggling artist.


Far Left; Yasmin Karaichiwala, Left; Miss Malini, Right; Dr. Jamuna Pai, Far Right; Gita Bedi

As for her collection at Lakme SR 2014, Mandira debuted timeless sarees in silks, georgettes and nets complimented with sultry blouses. Her color palettes consisted of beautiful jewel tones and vibrant hues that were a combination of color-blocking and bleeding colors into one another.  She worked in that glamorous oomph through gold/black accented borders in different textures and finishes. Her collection was of course stunning, however the most captivating force she utilized was ‘Girl Power’ Not only did she have Momma bear, Gita Bedi as her show-stopper (so0o0o cute!) she had eight other real, empowering women all in different professions; some creative and some a lot more academic to dazzle the ramp alongside professional models. What a great marketing tool and way to express yourself as an individual! Mandira conveyed that her sarees are fit for women of any age category and regardless of what career direction you choose to pursue, the sensuous 6 yards of fabric fit the lifestyle and identity of every and any independent women.  Talk about a powerful statement!

Here’s the line-up of the empowering women who walked for Mandira Bedi:

  1.        Dr. Jamuna Pai: Founder and Chairperson of Blush Clinics; Pioneer of Cosmetology in India
  2.        Dr. Kiran Coelho: Gynecologist and Obstretrician at Lilavati Hospital
  3.        Mrunalini Deshmukh: Renowned matrimonial lawyer
  4.        Schauna Chauhan: CEO at Parle Agro
  5.        Pooja Makhija: Nutritionist, clinical dietitian and celebrity food guru
  6.        Miss Malini: Celebrity blogger for Miss Malini
  7.        Yasmin Karachiwala: Celebrity fitness trainer
  8.        Shaheen Abbas: Jewelry designer at Shaheen Abbas and Flower Child

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