Smiles for Miles Fundraiser 2014

Smiles for Miles Fundraiser 2014

Rameeta Dhaliwal’s Smiles for Miles event in support of raising funds for children with cleft palate was an enjoyable and fun-filled evening! It’s always heart-warming to see our community come together in unity to support events for a wonderful cause. One has to appreciate the designers, artists and overall event organizers who spend weeks and sometimes months preparing and organizing to ensure that the 10 minute spotlight they have on the stage/runaway or behind the scenes is a grand success. I attended the event on behalf of KARMA and when given the opportunity to spend a few solid hours with my colleague and creative director, Herb Mann; creative energy and KARMA shenanigans are just endless. Throw my best friend and favorite hair and makeup artist, Gena Kooner in there and I am one happy gal 😉


Photo Courtesy; Behram Antia

The anticipation for me for the evening was of course the catwalk focus, with designers such as Sim N Saara’s beautique, Venum by Bobby Batra, Zaira’s Couture and AUJLA by Raji Aujla. It was interesting to see such a diverse and mixed variation of pieces on the runway. Personally, I absolutely loved and appreciated the incorporation of men’s wear presented by Bobby Batra and Raji Aujla, as it is significant that the entertainment factors of an event are crowd pleasers for both men and women.


Striking a pose with the lovely ladies of Sim N Saara’s Beautique

Already mentioned in my previous post – (OOTN: Smiles for Miles Fundraiser 2014) I felt like a Queen for the evening as I wore a Sim N Saara’s Beautique gorgeous lehenga saree. Kam and Sony the passionate and talented faces behind Sim N Saara showcased a fun and corky collection of indian wear for the trend-savvy and contemporary women. Whereas, Zaira’s Couture presented a collection that was all sorts of glitz and glam with a combination of bridal and evening pieces in beautiful color palettes. As for men’s wear, Bobby Batra who is the main man behind the emerging south Asian luxury wedding magazine – Taj Magazine flaunted his ‘Venum’ collection. Mr. Batra stepped it up a few notches inspiring prints in neutrals colors to the traditional dress shirts and complimentary blazers. The final collection of the evening was Raji Aujla’s men’s wear line – AUJLA, a perfect collection of sharp silhouettes, a crisp and clean take on styling and a fresh color palette ideal for this coming spring/summer. Raji is originally a designer based out of Toronto, who has been featured on ‘Top Ten Designers To Watch,’ her showstoppers for the evening were Humble the Poet and Akamazing!


Me love, Jason Pillay; Event Manager of Jawani Ka Jhatka

Aside from the catwalk glam, other highlights of the evening were my cousin Jason Pillay’s and his dance troupe’s – Jawani Ka Jhatka’s performance; they seriously were phenomenal! Rameeta’s speech and passion about cleft palate, the opportunity to introduce myself and have a brief chat with the Humble man himself, wearing a Sim N Saara Beautique piece and of course seeing the many familiar faces in our community.


The humblest of em all and my bff; Gena Kooner

For more pictures of Rameet’s Smiles for Miles event; please visit:

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