OOTN: The “Breezy” Saree- Mother & Daughter Event 2014

_MG_3177 copy

Being silly with friends; Neelu Garcha and Gena Kooner

Holy jeez time is seriously just flying … It’s already been a week since the Mother Daughter Event and the month of May is going to be over in another two weeks? =S Wow. Anyway, with this OOTN I stepped away from the usual glitters and sparkles and chose a “breezy” saree – typically an easy manageable, fun printed 6-9 yards of fabric which comfortably drapes the body and allows my tiny legs to move a lot quicker 😉 Ha-ha! Kind of perfect for this event as I was aware as to how humid it would get backstage and the possibility of running around with my head cut off prior to the fashion show feature of the event.

_MG_3163 copy

Majority of you have already probably noticed that I LOVE prints and whether it be a plain jane outfit or not, I always try to incorporate some sort of prints into my day-evening outfits just to spruce things up a bit. Additionally, I have mentioned before colors and specific color combinations play a crucial role when it comes to my personal style. I LOVE color-blocking as well as adding a pop of color to a neutral outfit. With that being said, the “breezy” saree I chose to wear was an animal printed saree – leopard, zebra and cheetah printed; as odd as that sounds it was done tastefully. The color combination was a tangerine/coral contrasted with black, that darker neutral is the perfect emphasis to pair opposite a warm color and allows for the versatility to be worn in the evening.

When it comes to any sort of fully printed ensemble; western, indian or fusion; I keep the rest of the styling fairly simple, therefore the entire focus goes right to my outfit. With this saree, I kept my hair straight with a bit of a tease, rose-gold pigmented smokey eye with winged liner, a dark red/burgundy and my jewelry from Blue Ruby – Alexis Bittar Lucite bangles and Miguel Ases earrings!


Photography: Neelu’s Click’s

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