Trailer Launch; Priyanka Chopra in and as Mary Kom

4:15am … It’s a no brainer that I barely sleep and aside from snooping the internet, editing images, writing or brainstorming I sometimes do have a purpose to stay awake and that purpose usually coincides with the convenience of India’s and Vancouver’s time zones. My ridiculous train of thought and justification … my friend Amar is having his lunch right now, I can stay awake for a few more hours and should be asleep by the time he will be having his dinner ha-ha. (He’s gonna read this and be like “yeh ladki sach much mein paagal hai” Translation: this girl is actually really crazy) I have other wack justifications like Ranveer Singh is probably at the gym right now training, working extremely hard to maintain that killer body. Obviously I cannot be working out at this hour and let’s face it the sun will set on the opposite horizon if I ever make it to the gym but I can work hard in other ways, righttt? Ha-ha yeah, I’m a loose canon… maybe I should just go to sleep on time but mehhhhh I’ll sleep when time comes.

Anyway, back on point… I usually either wake up early to catch runway events – India Couture Week, Lakme, Wills Lifestyle, you get the point… or I stay awake due to the anticipation of a trailer launch event for a Bollywood movie that I absolutely cannot wait for the release of. My most-awaited movie of the year …. Uh duh, Mary Kom. Oh my god, Peecee… how I miss seeing you dig your claws into a meaty role. That’s my girl … regardless of whether this movie does well at the box office, I’m certain that this will be one of her best performances till date. Come on … the lady started shooting for the film few days or 4 days to be exact after the passing of her father. Pretty insane right?! But, hey once you fall in love with your career and what you do every single day, aint nothing getting in between that!


Initial thought on the first look … speechless of course. Even that’s an understatement. Had to re-watch atleast 5-7 times and text my best friend who literally texted me before I could text him. His exact words – “Just watched Mary Kom trailer … speechless” He’s a freak as well but he’s usually awake studying and that’s a fairly reasonable explanation as to why he’s awake. The trailer reminded me a lot of a movie I saw several years ago in theatres with my cousin brother – Million Dollar Baby starring Hilary Swank and Clint Eastwood. Shame on you if you haven’t seen it as it is probably Hilary Swank’s best performance after Boys Don’t Cry, she was remarkable beyond words! As the movie progresses you fall more and more in love with Maggie’s character, her commitment to the sport and her relationship with Clint. I’m just hoping that Bollywood doesn’t do their usual thing and completely ‘inspire’ another Hollywood classic into this Sanjay Leela Bansali production.


What else… I appreciated the build-up on an actual story rather than just focusing on the sport of boxing and her in the ring throwing a few punches. Of course, it’s crucial to really peel the layers of the character when inspiring the tale of a true story and former boxing champion. Peecee looks NOTHING like Mary Kom and last year when they had released her prosthetics make-up look… it was almost horrifying but she looks like herself from what I make out in the trailer; maybe those images were for a later scene in the movie? Stating the obvious, the trailer has a strong message of feminism and overall girl power, which is of course going to be an interesting controversy of women and their association to sports that are male dominating regardless of how phenomenal of a performance Peecee gives. I’m sure she can pack a punch with her words as well though 😉 And I think I will leave at just that… I still have goosebumps. Check out the first official trailer of Mary Kom and feel free to drop me a line on your thoughts! Thanks for reading y’all, now I will rest these eyes. Xo.

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