KARMA Magazine – Spring/Summer 2014

One word. KARMA 😉 Ok three more… What. An. Issue.

This is my second issue in with KARMA Magazine and I can definitely say that we knocked it out of the park with this one. I mean look at the cover shot posted below … kind of speaks for itself. I think what’s great about our magazine that deserves appreciation and a great deal of respect is the fact that we have a very small team that work extremely hard and ridiculous hours to produce not just a fashion forward issue but a form of art that is not only appealing to our readers but satisfying to all of our creative intellects. Here are a few highlights from our Spring/Summer 2014 issue:


The designer we are featuring on the front cover is Shravan Kumar Ramaswamy based out of Hyderabad, India. Shravan showcased a collection that left the audiences in awe at Vancouver Fashion Week last season. Fortunately, we were able to see a sneak peak prior to his runway show, where we chose the outfit we wanted to feature and also met our focal cover model; well-established model/actress Remy Baker from Australia. Such a babe and down-right awesome soul! Complimentary to the cover is also a two page spread on the designer inside this issue. We shot these shoots alongside another designer duo; Parvesh Jai, right outside the Chinese Cultural Centre (venue for VFW) during the shows. The glamour process was taken care of right at the Chinese Cultural Centre by the hair and makeup artists using Revlon and Pantene products (key sponsors of VFW last season) In a matter of just 20 minutes, because that was really all the time we had… we created some real art.

June-2014_Karma Magazine_Summer_Shravan

Parvesh Jai are masterminds and complete down to earth personalities … I cannot even begin to express my love for these two. Aside from being exceptional designers, they are hysterical, intelligent and a complete blast! I love the fact that I was able to get to know these two on a personal level and cannot wait for them to come back to Vancouver. At the moment, they are opening up their first boutique space in Edmonton, Alberta; which will be their first retail chain in Canada. Pretty exciting and considering KARMA’s distribution is in Alberta as well, this all just worked out perfect. Parvesh Jai showcased a contemporary/western collection of blacks and gold/beige hues that we were able to capture beautifully, in a matter of 20 mins as well. Here is the two page spread!

So that’s that… of course there are so many other great reads and South Asian fashion pages within this issue but obviously I cannot feature all of it. Here is the digital version of our entire issue though: 

Hard copies are dropping today and I cannot wait to get my hands on one of these bad boys. Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

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