As seen in ANOKHI Magazine … ‘Defence Line’ Feature

Yeap. This most definitely happened.. I wrote a fashion feature for ANOKHI Magazine’s ‘Health and Wellness’ summer issue!! (


Before and even while writing this piece, I cannot begin to express how many times I questioned the skill level of the writer within me. Of course I love writing anything fashion related, but when given a topic that is beyond the glamorous aspect of fashion and fusing the sensitive subject of rape prevention … my inner writer was challenged. Countless days of writer’s block, finding the ‘right’ non-bias angle and organizing my thoughts were just a few of the hiccups I ran into along the way of writing this piece. Nonetheless, I think it is definitely one of my best written pieces and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to write and be featured in one of Canada’s largest and established South Asian print/online publications.

Here is my feature on rape preventive clothing/accessories: defence line july fashion feature 2014

Have a great day y’all and thanks for the support! Xo.


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