Ranveer Singh’s NEW Music Video

Ha-Ha ok so this just literally made my day! I’m casually browsing through the net…getting my weekly dose of Bollywood and fashion and I stumble upon this music video that I think is just down right AWESOME! I mean its pretty ridiculous but who better to feature then Ranveer Singh himself or should I say ‘Ranveer Ching’


Just a quick 411 … Ranveer Singh collaborated with the brand ‘Ching’s’ to make a three minute music video on Chinese food? Or something along the lines of that atleast ha-ha. I absolutely LOVE his hair in this music video, his styling is hysterical but freakin phenomenal and after the iconic dandruff flaking move in ‘tattad tattad’ he does this crazy ‘nagin’ dance move that makes my heart flutter, giggle like a 10 year old and shy away my face into the palms of my hands hehehe. If you haven’t already, check it out:

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