Where in the world did this summer go?! It seriously feels as if I did absolutely nothing from June-August! Aside from working what felt like 24 hours around the clock ( thankfully I love what I do 😉 ) I have done a handful of strange, random and spontaneous things … including shopping like a mad women and purchasing an impulsive Disneyland trip for two as my best friend’s birthday present! Yeeeee Mickey Mouse better grab a hold of his damn ears muahahaha ha-ha!


I still have a good 12 days left till my trip to the happiest place on earth and Anaheim will probably be scorching hot; which means I will get my summer fix of style, fashion and all that fun stuff while I am there. Considering how much I have shopped this spring/summer I have definitely not taken enough #OOTD’s to justify my purchases. Hence, before I start with the madness of swapping my flip flops for my knee high boots and shoving my colorful crop tops and maxi dresses under my bed, I think it’s mandatory for me to do a relevant ‘personal style’ blog series. SoO0O0 I have created a project for myself for the next seven days or should I say what I consider to be the last seven days of summer. Starting tomorrow – Monday August 25th – Sunday August 31st I will be featuring summer #OOTD’s from casual, comfy, glamorous and streamline looks for a full seven days.

This is going to be some commitment for me as I am fantastic at being a procrastinator and piling my plate to its maximum capacity … let’s see how it goes! Keep posted for #7daysofsummer 🙂

Thanks for the love and support in advance everyone! Xo.

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