#7daysofsummer – Day 2 (Ripped Denim + Pretty Plaid)


People have asked me countless times “do you ever wear jeans? Ummm… of course I wear jeans! Infact, several years ago I used to work at GUESS? and denim being the identity of the brand, I found my new profound love for jeans. Totally won’t deny that I became a little obsessed, basing my impulsive purchasing decisions on factors such as quality, fit, style and wash. Till date, jeans have never failed me and I appreciate the versatility and variations of style it presents season after season.


If I were to pick a favorite style of denim, it would definitely be skinny jeans. My personal reasoning behind this is that they are form fitting and make my little butt look great, they elongate my short, stubby legs and most importantly they allow me to fully show off my high heels hehe 😉 Denim is a more casual attire of choice and very rarely I will style it into an evening look. Although, the conventional t-shirt and jeans look is questionable in my books and borderline WAAAYYY too casual for me. SoOo0 here is just one of my interpretations of a casual denim look …


Day2_7(1)What people fail to realize is that ‘casual’ can be chic, fun and extremely stylish if executed with a little thought and perception. Starting with the basics today, I incorporated a pair of my lighter wash, ripped skinny jeans and a pretty plaid shirt. With denim, I like to emphasize on basic styling details such as cuffing the bottom of my jeans and tying a knot on the bottom of my button-up plaid shirt; exposing just a bit of my stomach. Keeping the jewelry minimal, I’m wearing my every day Michael Kors watch, a gold statement ring on the opposite hand and a cute and dainty turquoise necklace. Now for some much needed spunk and a little Sonam touch 😉 … I completed my OOTD with my fabulous nerdy specs, (THAT I BOUGHT FOR $7, YES!!!) peep toe royal blue high heels which contrast to the blue on my plaid shirt AND the most perfect, scandalous and dramatic summer shade of lipstick – Candy Yum Yum from Mac Cosmetics. Thoughts && opinions y’all? How do you wear your denim??


Here is a breakdown of what I am wearing:

Ripped Denim: GUESS?

Plaid Shirt: Sirens

Royal Blue Heels: Le Chateau

Ring: Forever 21

Necklace: Leah Alexandra – Blue Ruby

Specs: Aldo Accessories

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