#7daysofsummer – Day 4 (Color Accents)

Day4_2Just last year, I developed this whole craze of including more color into my wardrobe and let’s just say like most things I completely took it overboard… My favorite trend couple seasons ago that took me some time to get accustomed to was the neon brights – green and pink more specifically. I was absolutely ecstatic to see that same trend transition into this summer with more of an emphasis on that fabulous green, coral and orange. Although, aside from the differences in color palettes, I noticed the more practical, workable into everyday play on color blocking this season vs the fun, almost even ‘fad’ like trend few seasons ago.

Day4_3Considering I am heading to work today and I will not be doing visual merchandising, I shall stick to more prominent and clean color-blocking; incorporating a color that may be only good to wear for literally another month or so until fashion chooses to re-invent itself after another decade. What I love about color-blocking is the overall flow and cohesiveness of the look regardless of the integration of color palettes. BCBG’s brand image identifies with minimalist color blocking, all based on the current colors for the season with a larger emphasis on neutrals; beiges, blacks, greys and now navy blue. So here is my OOTD infusing BCBG’s signature look – contemporary colors, minimalist inspired with of course a bit of my personal flare.


Personally, this particular look may be as conservative, stream line and clean as it gets as almost 80% of the time I am incorporating some sort of prints into my day-day styling. What I must admit though is that when I do dress for work at BCBG, styling seems very tranquil ha-ha not that it’s extremely stressful on the regular but it’s definitely more time efficient in comparison to the usual. Anyway, I started with pairing that lovely neon green with a navy blue cropped blazer and suede navy blue pumps. Navy blue is a color that has grown on me SO MUCH the last few months; I feel the overall appeal is sharp, sleek, dominating and seriously gives off the ‘no time for bullshit’ sort of attitude. With my fairly plain jane outfit, I paired a bold statement necklace with Lucite bangles on one hand, a ring on the opposite hand and an oversized textured belt in ivory. Usually, I would add a pop of color to my lips but foundation/neutral shade of lips is more BCBG appropriate and I was lazy to do my hair so pony tail it is. Which I’m sure will only last for a few hours as I have thick hair and up-do’s give me a headache. Ha-ha that or I’m so used to wearing my hair out that psychologically I have convinced myself that up-do’s give me headache … yeah, I’m sure that’s what it is =P Thoughts and opinions y’all? Friday tomorrow, YESSSSS!


Here is a breakdown of what I am wearing:

Dress: H&M

Blazer: Urban Outfitters

Heels: BCBG Maxazria

Belt: BCBG Maxazria

Necklace: GUESS

Bangles: Alexis Bittar

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