#7daysofsummer – Day 6 (Brother’s Closet Invasion)

Day6_5Well somewhat of an invasion … Sometimes just for kicks, I snoop through my younger brother’s closet just to be an absolute creep and see what sort of shenanigans he has been upto ha-ha. Ok, that is the fattest lie…as he is a great kid and I have no business/reason to be invading his privacy. Truthfully, every now and then I just get over my wardrobe or simply struggle with the mental trauma of not having any clothes to wear or the person I want to be for that day/evening (speaking complete fashion diva slang over here =P) It only makes sense to either go shop some more or raid through someone else’s closet; and it’s absolutely meant to be when that closet happens to be in the convenience of the bedroom next to yours. Booo yeah!

Day6_1My 14 year old, younger brother is slightly taller than me now, we’re both fairly slim build and his shoes fit me impeccably. A few years ago he developed this obsession with sneakers (his favorite – Jordan retro’s specifically) and gradually he caught onto the clothing mania as well. Since then I have prompted his fashion sense – Giving him advice/direction, taking him shopping when in need and helping him attain a personal style; based on what his interests and choices in clothing, shoes and accessories were. What’s most appealing to me in terms of his style is that it is on complete different ends of the spectrum in comparison to what my personal style is. He’s all about street wear with a hint of ‘some mad nerdy swag’ as he refers to. Now, just imagine how much fun playing dress up is when you have not one but two closets with a complete different range of fashion goods. Quite frankly, kinda feels like heaven for me! ❤



Day6_3(1)And no I do not create an entire outfit by pulling every single article of clothing from his closet; it is more so one article of clothing, which is implemented into a complete OOTD.  Scavenging through his closet, I found this fun t-shirt (random Looney Tunes character’s eyes which glow in the dark ha-ha) that I had actually purchased for him from Toronto. I thought it was hysterical at first and then I thought to myself; this could actually be a lot of fun! I ended up pairing the shirt with my denim skort, tucking it entirely into the skort and cuffing just a bit of both sleeves. If I do any sort of street look it definitely has an oomph to it and I figured this might just be the appropriate, almost perfect outfit to go big or go home with. As there were so many pops of color on the shirt itself, it only made sense to elaborate one color; I chose pink and took the eccentric route with accessories. I chose an oversized, gold, statement necklace with different accents of pink, layered up my bracelets on one arm with my watch, threw on a few Lucite bangles on the opposite arm and stacked a few dainty rings/statement rings on both hands. Really wanting to emphasize all the little details of my outfit, I threw my hair up in a pony-tail and tied the entire OOTD with a bright pink lip and soft accented, yet dramatic poiny-toe pumps. Oh how I love these shoes, probably one of my favorites!

Hope y’all enjoyed the read … only one #7daysofsummer look left! Keep posted! Xo.

Day6_4Here is a breakdown of what I am wearing:

Shirt: Brother’s closet – EckoRed

Skort: Sirens

Heels: Vince Camuto

Necklace: Forever 21

Bracelets: La Vie Parisienne, Tarina Tarantino, Deepa Gurnani – Blue Ruby

Bangles: Alexis Bittar

Rings: Aldo Accessories

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