VFW S/S 2015: Opening Gala

YES! Chaotic, extremely productive, complete destruction of my closet and serious damage to my hair sorta week… Yeahhhh, it’s just another fabulous season of Vancouver Fashion Week! Two days ago was the official opening gala for the week and let’s just say majority of the time I am fashionably late but this time around I was late to the extent where I missed the official opening gala runway presentation. However, throughout the night I took many pictures, ran into some familiar personalities from the industry, mingled with aspiring individuals and had a relaxing night of pizza and palm bay with my ‘creative collaborators’ and bff! So aside from missing the core sha-bang, I had a wonderful time 🙂


Far Left; VFW Model: Tanvir Gill | Left; VFW Model: Harry Johal

Like every season there is always something fresh and intriguing to look forward to, here is a breakdown of what I am most looking forward to this following S/S 2015 season; alongside pictures from the evening:

20140915-IMG_6621IMG_66211. Queen Elizabeth Plaza – This season of VFW is held at a different venue of choice; The Queen Elizabeth Plaza. This is super exciting as VFW has always, ALWAYS been held at The Chinese Cultural Centre. I was extremely impressed with the new choice in venue as it definitely caters to the prestigious appeal for VFW and our beautiful city as well. Now let’s just hope mother nature is kind to us for the next several days …


Right; Shravan Kumar Ramaswamy

2. Shravan Kumar Ramaswamy – Of course I am looking forward to many, many more designers (Green Embassy, Grandi’s Atelier, Taran Cheema, Jessie Liu, HEER, Alex Yu etc) but Shravan’s collection last season left me and I’m sure the entire audience in complete awe. Hence, EVERY single time I have a conversation with this designer I get goose-bumps and that warm hearted feeling when I hear him speak passionately about the creative energy and love he shares for his beautiful self -expression of art. If you are attending VFW this season, be sure to strike a conversation with this humble man and you will know exactly what I am talking about!


Center; Jason Pillay | Right; Gena Kooner

3. Hanging out with my partner in crime, oh so fashionable sista, bff and hair/make-up artist; Gena Kooner. My fabulous first cousin, fashion student and aspiring stylist; Jason Pillay. Harj Sindhu from Snapshot Obsessions and of course, Herb Mann!

OpeningGala14. #OOTD’s and #OOTN’s. In other words playing dress up! I’m sure I will be pulling my hairs out by the end of this week finding something to wear for the next several days and my momma will not be impressed by the state of my bedroom. PS – I’m so excited to wear my Barbie swag from Forever 21!


Far Left; Actress/Show-Stopper: Simran Kaur Mundi | Left; Shravan Kumar

5. Backstage and after math of runway show – It’s a no brainer that this is the best time to mingle and ‘connect’ but it is also when you laugh the most, de-stress or stress the most and have the best conversations.


Center; Owner/Producer of VFW: Jamal Abdourahman

Thanks for reading everyone! Keep posted for other VFW posts throughout the week. I didn’t attend Day 1 of shows but definitely will be attending for the next several days; working alongside Shravan Kumar, watching a good handful of the shows and coordinating things for KARMA Magazine! Xo.

Photo Credit:

KARMA Photo: Herb Mann

Snapshot Obsessions: Harj Sindhu

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