#WomenCrushWednesday – Kangana Ranaut

I have been meaning to post about this unique beauty for ages now and I am so glad that I didn’t get around to doing so; as this time around not only is it long over-due but completely relevant considering she graced the cover of three reputable magazine covers just for the month of October. Hence, before I elaborate more on that, here are my thoughts on the one and only, Kangana Ranaut.


Showstopper for Karan Johar’s Vero Moda Marquee collection

I have nothing but remarkable things to say about this brilliant actress/entertainer. She is one of the very few actresses that Bollywood cinema is extremely lucky to have. Needless to say, she has delivered a handful of promising and award-winning performances, proving her versatility as an actress. My favorite performances of hers till date – an emotionally disturbed female who struggles through her strive of a once renowned super model in ‘Fashion’ and an innocent foreigner who travels abroad as an escape from reality, only to find her independence, drive and essence of life in ‘Queen’ She also attracts my personal interest due to her keen sense of style, confident presence on the runway and outspoken voice; being her beautiful self during public appearances. Now, that is what you call a woman!

#VogueEmpower for Vogue India 


In celebration of their 70th anniversary, Vogue India launches an issue centralized around women empowerment.  With the simple message: It starts with you; in hopes to raise awareness through various platforms such as magazines, social media, multi-media, etc.  It is amazing and extremely heart-warming to see Bollywood big-wigs such as Kangana Ranaut – wearing Alexander Mcqueen, sharing cover space with other talented figures of Indian cinema.


“I pledge to host a group of 80 creatively oriented girls from Avasara (Avasara.in), a non-profit educational institution, and engage in a day-long mentoring session with them to help with their careers in arts and entertainment”

From fundraising to various collaborations with personalities such as: Aamir Khan who has been promoting through media, Rahul Mishra who has designed a dress to be auctioned for charity, special edition t-shirts, red-beaded Amrapali bracelets and the involvement of fashion houses – Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo, Roberto Cavalli, etc Vogue India is determined to shed a great deal of light to women’s empowerment.

For more information on #VogueEmpower: http://www.vogue.in/empower/mission.html

GQ – TheQueen of Hot 


Oh hawt damn, hell yeah she is! The fashionista within me really appreciates the transformation from her edgy elegance on the cover of Vogue India to this ultra-modern, rock star sporting a Julien Macdonald bodysuit and perfect bob. This cover also really accentuates her great curves and every time a woman is featured on the cover of a men’s centralized magazine, I smirk like a creep to myself and fist pound the air ha-ha. #womenempowerment

Harper’s Bazaar BRIDE 


Drop. Dead. Gaawwgeeouusss. There is nothing more breath taking then composites that showcase the traditional bride rocking the largest bindi, mehndi finger tips, rich color palettes in the most fierce and contemporary form. Kangana definitely takes Haute Couture to a whole another level in this Anamika Khanna ensemble and completely over the top statement tribal jewelry. Although her GQ cover is more so my personal take on style, I must admit that I am all for the Banjara bride.

Now lets just hope she takes the big win for Queen this year … if Priyanka doesn’t for Mary Kom that is. Hmm…. good night lovelies! Xo.

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