Photoshoot Sneakpeak: Athenia & Poseidon

Halloween is less than two weeks away! And when the annual celebration spooks upon us, we take complete advantage of our creative abilities, historic blast from the past references and love for fashion to come together in a kick-ass photo-shoot collaboration. Our creative team consisted of my partner in wardrobe malfunctions – Jason Pillay, the dream-team from A\S Fusion Studios– Amita Suranna and Shristi Hansraj, KARMA’s publisher/photographer – Herb Mann and Harj Sindhu from Snapshot Obsessions who was the main man behind assisting and lighting.


We transformed into characters from Greek mythology – Poseidon (god of sea, earthquakes and horses) and Athenia (goddess of art, wisdom and war) with our own modern take and spin on color story. Jason interpreted the colors of Poseidon with blues, whites and gold highlights; while I chose to contrast with his color palettes and geared away from the traditional analysis of Athenia. I must share that my younger brother is an anime/game fien and all thanks to his crazy addiction, he came across a darker and more contemporary take on Athenia’s character in one of his games where she was fully clothed  in red and black with gold detailing. Amazing where inspiration can be drawn from. hey?


Adding my own personal sex appeal, chunky statement accessories and an overall bold hair and makeup look, I initiated my own dark version of Athenia. With a fancier blouse, slightly exposing my bust area I layered two skirts – one over another to create the illusion of a dress. My shoes and belt were coordinated with the element of spikes, I pinned a thin dupatta with a brooch on one side of my shoulder and added two statement necklaces, matching cuffs, bangles on my upper arm and geometrical shaped earrings. I had such a blast putting togetherthis ensemble that actually resembled a Halloweeen costume actually without me having to put a fat dent in my wallet. #Success!



All of you may or may not have noticed that I have been working with A\S Fusion Studios for most of my recent creative collaborations. Reason being for that is because I admire Amita Suranna’s work – her keen eye for detail, the cleanliness of my overall makeup, how flawless and on point she styles my hair and now of course this awesome and extremely comfortable relationship I have established with her.


Luckily, during the hair/makeup segment for this shoot with Amita, her business partner, Shristi Hansraj also came to the appointment. Of course she was an absolute sweetheart! Its seriously about time since I got to meet her, but more importantly she catered to the vision I had in mind and really added that extra oomph factor. Both of the ladies work cohesively together and feed off of one another’s creative outlook, they are an outstanding team!


As for my makeup for this particular look … My eyes were comprised with a gold/rose gold eye-shadow base with specs of glitter, an intense winged eyeliner, lots of mascara and long glamorous fake eyelashes. My eyebrows were tinted a shade darker and the shape was emphasized just slightly. Shristi insisted to go heavy on the bronzer and the contouring to really accentuate that goddess glow and add that intensity to my face, perfect call! Diva lipstick from Mac Cosmetics was our color of choice for my lips which was highlighted with gold pigment in the middle of my bottom lip. As a last finishing touch, I asked Amita to add a prominent red eyeliner right under my waterline, love how fierce it looked! And as for my hair, we decided to go with a voluminous and messy fish tail braid! Pretty flawless eh?!

I leave you with that! Thanks for reading y’all, enjoy the rest of your day! Xo.

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