Bollywood’s Entourage of Prints

I am a print fanatic. In less complex terms – a good chunk of my existing wardrobe consists of prints … A LOT of print. I must share that before I begin to pin-point some fabulous celebrity styling, I am simultaneously shoving my face on a Monday morning with Oh Henry’s, Kit Kat’s and Fuzzy Peaches (I believe that Halloween is actually November 1st when ALL the candy gets discounted to 50% off the original value and my reaction is somewhat comparable to when clothing comes in the mail for me or I don’t know, maybe even my birthday?)

Ha-ha back on track … someone that is such a muse to all sorts of prints (animals, plaid, florals, stripes, polka dots, etc…) I have my own personal tactics on how I mix and match with different motifs for day – evening looks. Hence, when I see on-point, print incorporated outfits by some of Bollywood’s finest looking ladies; it only inspires me to become adventurous and have more fun with some of the prints in my current wardrobe. In no significant order or even comparison as they are all executed very differently and with their own personification; here are some fairly unflawed ‘print infused’ outfits from the month of  September – October, that I absolutely LOVED:



Priyanka Chopra in Toni Maticevski

This look could have been easily over done but Peecee balances it with the right key ingredients (PS – She won the Women of Excellence award!)

LOVE: How sexy, modish and empowering a woman can look in a fully concealed dress | high neckline | monochrome print | burgundy lipstick

STYLE MEMO: Experiment with sleek, clean updo-‘s. It draws more emphasis to the overall outfit, balances a heavy embellished/printed ensemble, highlights a women’s prominent facial features and allows you to step out of your comfort zone 😉



Esha Gupta in Atsu Sekhose

This is the perfect example of mixing a print on print look tastefully. Esha opted for a sophisticated yet bold statement and I think she outdid herself in the best way possible!

LOVE: Contrasting prints on one ensemble – feminine vs informal (florals + stripes) | red Dior earrings + red lipstick | color palettes – reds + blues

STYLE MEMO: Any prints can be remixed, as long as the colors are in sync to one another. Less is more – keep the accessorizing and beauty appeal complimentary and fresh – (red earrings and lipstick were the best elements for that extra oomph factor)



Ileana D’Cruz in Farah Sanjana

Hands down … my most favorite outfit seen on this bombshell babe. Who said black and white is boring? …

LOVE: Crop top and midi skirt ensemble | monochrome classic palette | solely printed chandelier | smokey eyes

STYLE MEMO: The motif does not always have to repetitive; a gigantic chandelier on a skirt or top plunked onto a hanger would not be very pleasing to the eyes, but extremely flattering and original once tried on. FIND crop top and midi skirt ensemble in black and white combination after November. Pair with all sorts of different pieces in existing wardrobe. That is all 🙂



Neha Dupia in Urvashi Joneja

Neha looks effortlessly sophisticated, oh so chic and she carries an ace representation of “less is more”

LOVE: Colors – greys, whites, blacks | accessories: Bottega Venetta clutch + silver choker | exposed mid rif paired with feminine skirt

STYLE MEMO: The highlight piece of this outfit is obviously her skirt and her preference to style the remainder of her ensemble in sub-dued options (hair and makeup, black pumps and minimal accessories) was all the outfit needed. Hence, I would still add sparkle; maybe a pop of color on the lips and perhaps shoes 😉


Deepika Padukone in Varun Bahl

I seriously caught a breath of fresh air when I saw her in this unconventional suited outfit. ‘FRESH’ on point!

LOVE: Skinny jeans substituted for traditional bottoms | all white accented with red | red lips

STYLE MEMO: The printed boyfriend blazer is not the only piece that adds that effortless spunk. A conventional suited look can be catered to personal style/comfort. Deepika is one actress who is occassionally spotted rocking her slim fit denim and she does an exceptional job this time around by color matching her separates and adding a printed, statement piece.

And I leave you with that on this fine Monday morning! Hopefully this inspires you all to be more playful with your prints, I know I picked up all sorts of different styling tactics that I will be incorporating into my 30X30 challenge, as well as my day-evening looks for fall! Thanks for reading y’all 🙂

PS – I’m day 3 into my 30X3o remix challenge, I am absolutely loving it! Keep posted for my 7 day roundup on Friday… Have a wonderful week everyone! Xo.

4 thoughts on “Bollywood’s Entourage of Prints

  1. I love Neha’s style. She always mixes it up and manages to make most things look good. And Deepika’s jacket is gorgeous! Not a fan of PeeCee but even I can appreciate how good she looks here. Looking forward to your weekly roundup of the 30for30 challenge

    • I agree.. Neha carries herself exceptionally well and experiments with a great range of different looks. Peecee’s look has got to be my definite favorite. Thank you for your comments, I look forward to seeing your 30×30 mashup as well 🙂

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