BEAUTY: LUSH Fall Favorites

The term love in an understatement for the genuine relationship I share with LUSH and all their products. I find that during this fall/winter season, my skin – especially my lips tend to get extra dry + chapped and LUSH is my saviour for great skin, keeping moisturized, healthy and hydrated. Heck, it is even my level of sanity – as some of their products create that entire “me time” relaxation experience for busy bee’s like myself that are obviously long over-due. Now, for those of you that live under a rock and are not familiar with LUSH, seriously you’re missing out!


In the simplest of terms LUSH sells a wide-range of handmade cosmetics, bath and body products consisting of fresh A-MAZE-ING scents and cures to all sorts of skin nuisances, stress related situations, and original gift ideas for men and women. They are a 100% ethical against animal testing, pay a huge contribution to a handful of different charities and their sales staff are informative, hysterical and simply wonderful.

For the complete 411, visit:

Throughout the years, I have experimented with several LUSH products and I own a lot of them for the different purposes they serve, but during this season I have my favorites and personal recommendations for those of you that are amateur’s to LUSH. (FYI – stepping into this store for the first several times will feel as if you are blindly getting robbed as it so overwhelming and you simply fall in LOVE with EVERYTHING) Ha-ha anyway, in no particular order here are my favorite LUSH products:



I cannot stress how SOFT and wonderful your lips will feel … Consider your quest on locating the perfect remedy for rugged, chapped and dry lips fulfilled with this lip exfoliator containing jojoba oils and sugar. Ladies, this is your knight and shining armour … well atleast for your lips! 😉

LOVE: Application process (Scrub thoroughly, LICK off access and apply color/balm) | Sweet scent | Tastes actually like cotton candy | Freshens breath | Prevents lipstick from flaking

BEST RESULTS MEMO: Apply this sugar scrub twice or thrice a day – My regular routine is once in the morning right after brushing my teeth and right before bed. Personally, I choose to wash off the access after applying the lip scrub and I always put on a trusty lip balm/vaseline right afterwards (Personal LUSH favorite; Lip Service – $7.25) If I am going to be applying a liner, accompanied with lipstick I ensure that I give my lips some time to soak in the exfoliants and balm before application.

BUFFY SHOWER SCRUB ($11.95-$22.95)


If you want your entire body, including your bottom to feel like a baby’s bottom … Buffy is your baby! The core ingredients of cocoa butter, shea butter, rice, almonds, aduki beans, lavender oil, lemon oil, etc are combined together to perfectly moisturize and prevent that dry, rough and incredibly, itchy skin we all tend to develop during the fall/winter season.

LOVE: Immaculate + flawless looking skin | Not having to moisturize – thanks to cocoa + shea butter | Soft skin | Available in two sizes

BEST RESULTS MEMO: Apply in all the not so ideal, rough and dry portions of your body initially. I personally love using Buffy on my legs and my feet. Legs; right after I am done shaving as I don’t have to worry about moisturizing, it helps prevent the redness (I have insanely sensitive skin) and holy jeezz I can’t even stress how smooth my legs feel for several days after. Feet; I do some serious damage as I wear heels all day, every day and this genius innovation really helps with soothing down the rugged bumps and dry patches. I would highly recommend storing Buffy in some sort of container or even purchase (LUSH’s signature; body butter tin $3.95)  – they are insanely creamy and near the pressure of hot water they are inclined to melt rather quickly.



If it smells TERRIBLE and you can’t pronounce it … it obviously works wonders! Comprised of avocados, bananas, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and fresh eggs, this is my go to treatment to rejuvenate my dry ends and give my hair back its much needed essence of life

LOVE: The experience (Smell is absolutely mortifying, every time I am convinced that I will NEVER buy or apply this product EVER again … that changes within a matter of seconds once I see the results and do the whole “YES, YES … I’ve got the urge” Herbal Essences commercial act in front of the mirror) *hair toss* … like actually 😉 | Volume | Bye-bye split ends

BEST RESULTS MEMO:  Apply and leave on for about 20-30 minutes all dependant on the length of your hair. I leave mine in for 40 minutes and use approximately half the pot – if you have shorter hair, a quarter of the pot will do just fine! Before a hair color, touch up appointment I apply this treatment 48 hours prior to my visit at the salon and it helps with sinking the color into my hair and I find that my color lasts longer. No it is not a treatment that should be applied weekly or even monthly, I apply it every other month .. which makes complete sense, as its shelf life is 4 months!



Doesn’t the name say it all?! I have tried almost all of the bath bombs at LUSH and this heavenly ball bundle of soya milk, clary sage, jasmine and ylang ylang have completely swept me off my two feet and fall head over heels for the perfect ‘ME-TIME’ experience.

LOVE: Flowers in my bath | Fuscia-purple water | Pretty appeal | Soft skin – especially my feet! | Scent (not only do I smell amazing but the rest of my washroom does as well for days) | Excitement/anticipation to see it fizz in my bath water

BEST RESULTS MEMO: Make it a “ME-TIME” experience! When I choose to treat myself to a bubble bath … I ‘TREAT’ myself – Initially, I make sure no one is home to knock on the door to tell me to hurry… I then light a million candles in the washroom, play some sappy Bollywood and R&B tunes, make sure my phone is no where near me, put on a face mask, take in a glass of wine, some chocolate covered strawberries (Ha-ha, kidding not the strawberries) and I cheat and add in some extra normal bubble bath because … why would I not? It is pure bliss .. I cannot think of a more a relaxing and peaceful way to unwind at the end of the week. Too overwhelming of a scent for you? – You can cut the bath bomb in half and save it for another time!

There y’all have it! I could spend hours and hours in this store just exploring, splurging and enticing myself. It’s a great one stop shop for presents of every occasion as they have many gift hampers/baskets that are super affordable, therefore everyone and anyone can definitely have a dose of LUSH and their fantastic products. Oh and for Christmas they get extremely festive with all sorts of fun holiday inspired products, I can’t wait!!! If you’re an avid shopper at LUSH, what are some of your favorite beauty go-to’s?

PS – I currently have my hands full with an annual holiday project called Operation Xmas Child, which is over at the end of this week! I am super excited to share my experience with all of you within this week or the following week. Keep posted and happy humpday everyone! Xo.

9 thoughts on “BEAUTY: LUSH Fall Favorites

  1. I loved your post!
    I am currently in that state where I’m collecting ideas what to get from LUSH when I go on holiday in January and the lip scrub is certainly on that list. 😀
    Thanks for reviewing it x

    • Thank you so much! That seems to be everyone’s favorites… I have recommended it to a few of my friends and they absolutely fell in LOVE with it as well. The ‘minty julips’ lip scrub is also great if you have more of a preference for mint and at the moment they have a limited edition Santa lip scrub for the holidays! 🙂

    • Your very welcome! I hope I intrigued you a bit more… once you try a product; you will definitely be hooked! Start with something small like a bath bomb, bubble bar or lip scrub, you won’t be disappointed 🙂

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