5 top ‘Feel Good’ Bollywood movies – Part 1

Since it has snowed in Vancouver *rolling eyes* and because I live on Cypress Mountain, slipped and fell on my bottom last night, don’t give a damn about how “pretty” it looks outside and people drive like complete lunatics ten times more ridiculous then they usually do – I chose to be a couch potato today and have a Bollywood movie marath on with some of my favorite ‘feel-good’ movies.

Now these are the movies that I watch several times throughout the year … they are a beaken of hope when it comes to friendship, love, family, dreams … you name it and they got it covered. Not to mention flawless performances, great story lines and amazing sappy, dramatic songs. I narrowed down my list to 10 movies and in no particular order, I share with all of you part one – 5 of my favorite ‘feel-good’ movies:


Feeling suicidal? Ha-ha – no but seriously … We’ve all had moments in our lives where we have hit complete rock bottom and feel as if its game over. Suicide may or may not have been a train of thought and this movie conveys that perfect message of no matter how severe of a heart-break or financial situation life throws your way (direct references from the movie) – you will ALWAYS find an opportunity or particular human being that will grant you a new motive to life. Aside from a completely relatable story line that is all ages appropriate, Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra are exceptional in their roles! They share this hysterical, fresh and emotional chemistry that make you almost piss your pants laughing and brief moments after weap and really feel for the characters and their personal struggles.

Favorite Scene  – Kiara and Akash go swimming in the ocean – Kiara forbids Akash to pee in the ocean, Akash can’t swim and loses his chaadi’s, they both cuddle and Kiara has a breakdown while she tells him about her ex-boyfriend.



Shahrukh Khan and Kajol in a romantic classic – need I say more? As to why this is on my list … However, I will touch base on this new trailor that YRF released several days ago celebrating #1000weeksofDDLJ for those you that may have not seen it – attached below! I seriously felt warmth in my heart and super giddy after watching this trailer and YES I am on the quest of finding my ‘Raj’

Favorite Scene – Raj coinciding with Simran’s mother and telling her about the two given paths of life. This scene has been embedded into my brain till today since I was old enough to comprehend things for myself  ** tissue please **


YOLO. I watched this movie for the first time, with my best friend sitting front row =) It is beautiful in the simplest of terms; right from the get go till the very end you have this warmth and continuous smirk on your face as you are in complete awe of the characters, the adventures they embark upon during their “bachelor” shindig and the friendship they re-kindle. It almost feels as if you are a part of their journey and living each moment of life as if it were your last. BEAUTIFUL.

Favorite Scene – Too many. One memorable one would have to be Arjun and Imraan’s outburst over Imraan chucking his cell-phone out the window and Kabir’s ‘BPL’ remark.



Could Geet be more annoying and loveable at the same time?! This was the movie that I discovered a new found respect and love for Kareena Kapoor as an actress. The amount of light and positive spirited energy that she brings to film always inspires me to be a bit more adventurous and spontaneous in my life. I’m sure as viewers we all fell head over heels for her down right awesome character and seriously who doesn’t love Shahid Kapoor?!? Especially when he’s so naive, innocent and bola bala.

Favorite Scene – Geet calling Aiyushman and completely going off in every swear word in her personal dictionary – ha-ha kills me everytime!



For all of you Bollywood fanatics, I’m sure you can all relate to me saying that Dil Chahta was the movie that created that evolution of hip, modern and “bro-mance” in Bollywood cinema. This movie is set at a steady pace to really highlight each individual’s characters – their values, perceptions, weaknesses, strengths; ensuring that the audience can relate and admire each and every single one. But I would have say that my favorite character was Sameer played by Saif Ali Khan – he was twisted beyond words, ridiculously sensitive and the glue between Aamir Khan and Akshay Khanna.  Every time I watch this movie, I am left with the same wonderful pit in my stomach I felt the first time I watched the film.

Favorite Scene – Sameer coming back from Goa, sitting on his pillow and telling his friends about how he got his ass handed to him by the apparent love of his life, Christine. 


And there ya have it! Took me forever to write this post as I watched Dil Chahta Hai and Anjaana Anjaani while writing this =) Talk about being side tracked but hey atleast I was being productive and sharing my love for Bollywood cinema. Last day of November today… CRAZY! But I cannot wait for December and to see what the last month of this year has in store for me. Have a fabulous Sunday everyone, hope you enjoyed the read!

PS – I went to the Usher concert on Thursday and holy. hot. damn. I will have to upload some videos, rant about my experience and me living my fan girl moment to the T – keep posted! Xo.

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