MonoPop by Disney + Satya Paul

OHHH KAAAYYY! So after nearly pulling an all-nighter finishing off some work for KARMA (Pssttt. next issue dropping before the end of this year is the plan) I was just casually getting even more comfortable in my snuggie, eating my last cookie that I decided to bake at 2am, phone in hand, ready to be an instagram creeper – yeah, these are my confessions. OH.EM. GEE. Can you tell that I’m still living the Usher concert from last week. Holllaaaaaa! (Bear with me .. it is 6:15am) =| So as I was ready to get into bed … the gods from above of course would make me stumble upon a little somethin’, somethin’ that sorta kinda, kinda sorta of you know …. MADE MY WORLD STOP MOVING!! And I mean that in the best way possible …

MonoPop_2Normally, I don’t post any sort of “fashion news” or designer updates on my blog …  but this news is definitely an exception! My socks have been officially rocked and I have so much to express that a Facebook post just won’t cut it. No surprise here and I’m sure I speak for every Desi fashionista when I say that Masaba Gupta is by far one of my favorite designers in the fabulous world of materialistic goods and that glamour life. For all you that seriously live under a rock … Masaba Gupta is the daughter of Indian actress Neena Gupta, her iconic design aesthetic is  an extremely fabulous, bold and fun take on prints of all sorts, since 2012 she has been the fashion director at Satya Paul and just a several hours ago she announced her last collaboration collection for the company recognized for their originality on prints.


Now, I’ll cut to the chase … of course the anticipation of her final collection for Satya Paul has been taunting me and I was expecting something jaw-dropping and ridiculously unconventional but HOLY HELL –  I have lost my shits and I just can’t. As Masaba bids farewell to her position with Satya Paul, she goes out with a bang and decides to blow all of our god damn minds with #MonoPop – inspired by Disney’s finest, coolest and cutest, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse.  #MonoPop maintains the signature colors of red, black, white and yellow that is cohesive to Mickey and Minnie through a range of sarees, tunics, stoles, ties, accessories and scarves. Together Masaba Gupta and Satya Paul are determined to expand Disney’s historic artwork to an Indian target market through their infamous play on prints. Any takers on wanting to get me an early Christmas present?!?!

MonoPop_1And not that it is really relevant – well actually it is but I AM A DISNEY FANATIC!!  My bedroom STILL looks as if all the Disney princesses decided to waltz in and throw up all together in tiara’s and gowns, Once Upon A Time is my favorite TV series, I have been to Disneyland four times – just this year I took my best friend to Disneyland as he’s never been and I told him he hasn’t lived life and Minnie Mouse is my sista! I mean isn’t it obvious that I am a Disney freak – where else does high-spirited energy and absurdly optimistic mind come from …

Sonam_Minnie1Can anyone relate to me or even understand how exciting this news is! I’m getting the opportunity to re-live my child-hood or who am I kidding – current present through materialistic fashion. What else can a girl really ask for … Ok bed time now. Thanks for reading everyone, drop me line and let me know your thoughts!

PS – Usher post tomorrow!

Images: Vogue India

4 thoughts on “MonoPop by Disney + Satya Paul

      • That’s what I will be doing every so often is come here and just drool over these sari!!! You’re awesome with replies!! Thank you!

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