Usher URX Tour Concert

Exactly one week and one day today I lived my fan girl moment to the absolute T.  Yeap, it was the UR experience Usher concert here in Vancouver and it felt as if I was 14 all over again. Growing up I had many celebrity crushes but no crush compares to my mad obsession with Usher. For starters, my walls were ENTIRELY covered with his posters, I owned every album, every magazine that had a snippet of him in it, my girlfriends and I listened to his confessions album to the point where I had to replace my CD and till date I can recite every single song. I was that annoying teenage girl who’s life motive at that point in time was to probably touch his abs and own an Atlanta braves baseball cap – call me ridiculous go right ahead.


Now I’m going to contradict myself and say that I was not a true fan and you all can throw rocks at me because this concert last week was my first Usher concert EVER =| Why? … I don’t even know myself. However, I think it’s safe and extremely relevant to say given my 411 teeny bopper life above that this concert was one of the best days lived in 2014.


As for the concert it started right on time and August Alsina opened. I learnt more about his music after I heard ‘No Love’ by him and Nicki Minaj – the passion that he evokes through his music is heart-warming but his 40 minutes on stage was not my favorite part of the concert. Although, as he did wrap up his performance he aspired all of us with an empowering message – “Always follow through with whatever it is that your heart desires as just last year I was nearly homeless and here I am today standing live in front of all of you”… you can bet the crowd went wild!


The moment of anticipation  felt surreal and the remainder of the concert was absolutely surreal. I had pretty great seats – they were not floor seats but we were seated left of the stage and at points I felt as if I could have touched Usher if I wanted to =| Needless to say and of course being bias, Usher left me flabbergasted. I think I speak for many  when I say that from the instant he got on a stage there was not a single moment where the crowd was not entertained and having the time of their lives!

VIDEO: A quick glimpse captured on my phone! PS – That is totally not me screaming and my girlfriend next to me absolutely losing her mind =P

Aside from him being a phenomenal performer – I really loved the overall execution and flow of the show. The stage was captivating from point A-Z – there were rising platforms, lights galore, he did a set on the drums unexpectedly popping out from the middle of the stage, flames were burning that I could feel the heat from, the list is really endless… He had a massive band, a fantastic group of back-up dancers and vocalists that were definitely granted their spotlight. I enjoyed every aspect of the concert but my absolute favorite part that I didn’t even bother to capture on my phone because I just wanted to live that very moment  was this throwback session where Usher took us all down memory lane to jam out to his blast from the past hits. It was a down-right wicked time!


Numerous times throughout the concert he expressed how much of a great crowd we were and how wonderfully he is treated by his fans in Vancouver –  it was extremely evident as to how much he adores our city. He put a 110% of his soul, body, voice, whatever he had within him he bought it all to the table; completely swooping us all off our feet and stealing our hearts. Amazing artist, amazing concert! – Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Xo.


PS – I didn’t buy myself any Usher swag; all thanks to my wonderful 30×30 challenge … rolling eyes.

Images – Instagram: @howuseeit

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