BEAUTY: Bold MAC lipsticks to die for!

A post where I can actually incorporate my selfies for a marketing purpose?!! MIRACLE 😉 Call me the queen of procrastination as I have been meaning to write this post for several weeks now. Hence, sometimes my procrastination ends up working in my complete favor and I will enclose the full details of how so this time around at the end of this post!

As long as I can remember I have been an avid, loyal consumer to MAC cosmetics. MAC products give me the coverage that I want, they are reasonably priced, they market themselves exceptionally well, they support wonderful causes and I absolutely love their celebrity collaborations. – YES. I am that freak that lines up hours before on the launch day of a new collection just so I can get my hands on a different shade of red lipstick. Now, with anything beauty/makeup related I would have to say my personal take is fairly plain jane yet complimentary to my style. When it comes to makeup application I am not the brightest cookie – how makeup artists can perfectly blend five colors of eye-shadows into one eye socket and make it look amazing is far beyond me. Let’s not even discuss winged liner …

So since I am a boring eye-liner, mascara and blush girl, I rely on a kick-ass lipstick as my finishing touch for that overall confident and empowering statement. Whether it even be a neutral shade, lipstick has become a crucial component of my day-evening make-up looks as I feel like it completely transitions my look to complement with my wardrobe of choice for the day/evening and highlights the features on my face. Yes. I am a MAC lipstick hoarder and I love experimenting with a variation of different shades but here are 6 of my favorite bold shades of lipstick from MAC that complete my life:

Viva Glam Rihanna FROST 

This is by far my favorite red lipstick – its glossy finish, beautiful shade with hints of gold and long-lasting wear easily makes it my go-to red lipstick from casual – evening outfits. Also, as it is apart of the of the Viva Glam collection – 100% of the profits go to women, men and children affected and living with HIV/Aids. Oh and the packaging is gorgeous!


“I am blessed to be able to pursue whatever my heart willingly wants to do”


I am in complete awe of this shade for the fall/winter season; which I always get complemented on while wearing. I alternate the hue of it by changing up my lip liners; sometimes I will opt for a burgundy liner for a dramatic look and sometimes I will use a dark plum liner for a more under-stated look. It is a satin lipstick so I always apply the matching lip glass to prevent from flaking/chapping. LOVE.


“Taking risks, keeping myself scared and thinking outside the box – in fact let’s just get rid of the box”

Viva Glam Rihanna 2 COOL MAUVE

This was a shade of lipstick I would have never imagined to wear and now I incorporate it into my extra edgy choices in wardrobe on days where I am not feeling very ‘Rebel’ or neutral – it is a great alternative. It has a glossy finish, specks of silver sparkles are incorporated within this gorgeous brown-mauve shade and it applies a lot lighter then the outside facade – 100% of proceeds go to women, men and children affected and living with HIV/Aids.


“Self-respect is trusting your own instincts; believe in yourself. Who’s going to if you don’t?…”


Red-lipsticks were always my ‘bae’ until I stumbled upon this pink to cheat on all my reds with. Ha – This is my favorite go-to, pink lipstick that easily wears up to 6 hours and definitely stains your lips. It is a stunning and prominent color which adds that brightness and radiant glow to our faces we all crave once in awhile. I personally recommend applying a lip balm before application and then a gloss on top of the lipstick for ever-lasting wear.


“A queen laughs without fear of the future while she sits on the corner of awesome and bomb-diggity”


Maybe being  a bit bias as purple is my favorite color but this is definitely one of my favorite shades of lipstick EVER. I alternate with the shade by changing up my lip liners as well; as the overall color is fairly true to its appeal – bold and beautiful but perhaps a bit much sometimes. The lipstick has a matte finish, nonetheless its application is creamy, smooth and keeps my lips super moisturized.


“How you feel from within reflects on the outside; you hold the power to color within the lines or outside the lines”


This is my go-to color-blocking shade for that oomph factor. I love using this lipstick when I am wearing cool colors such as alluring greens and cobalt blues; its refreshing, contemporary and fun! Application process: lip balm, liner, lip stick and clear gloss.


“A real woman creates her own path and is whatever the hell she wants to be”

And there you have it! My 6 favorite bold shades of lipstick that I cannot live without. Notice the quotes or ‘mantra’s’ I should say under each picture?? Well, they are my mantra’s for MAC Cosmetics #MACnificientMe contest !! Super duper exciting as I love MAC and I never enter contests as they never tickle my fancy enough. However, the protocol to enter this contest really grabbed my attention – you create 6 mantra’s that represent you as an individual and identify with what makes you MACnificient, a 100 word submission on why you should be the face of MAC’s next collection and you submit a selfie! Oh how procrastination completely worked in my favor this time around …

What’s great is that your mantra’s are viewable and customized to your perfection on MAC’s website quoted under your name! Isn’t that just down-right awesome?!?! Here’s one of mine:


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