Best of 2014: Bollywood Big Wigs

2014 has not been the most promising year for Bollywood cinema but it has been quite the miraculous fashion whimsical for the babes of Bollywood. From Aishwariya’s HOTT Cavalli number at the Cannes Film Festival to Sushmita Sen’s amazing Nikhil Thampi dhoti salwar and Sonam Kapoor’s bad-ass bridal ensemble in Dolly Ki Doli (to name just a few) Whether it was a promotional event, red-carpet ceremony, magazine cover or item number, every glamour gal was on her absolute A-game to dress the part and make a statement. Therefore, a simple round-up of the best dressed for 2014 would be near impossible; hence why I decided to create my own version of “Style Awards” and designate some of the bomb-shells into their respective ‘Queen of’ categories/genres of my personal preference:

Queen of ‘Curves’



She is the perfect role model for the renowned ‘being comfortable in your own imperfections’ punch line; conveying the vital message to women of our society to embrace what your momma gave you and that you do not have to be a size O to look and feel fantastic about yourself. Not only is her style faultless and versatile but just recently she chopped her pretty long locks into a refreshing bob cut to complement her impeccable curvy assets. LOVE this women!

Queen of ‘Drama’ 



Leave it to no one other then Priyanka Chopra to leave a lasting impression with her attitude and killer style. Her style is a reflection of her confidence and personality – from graphic tee’s, classic saree’s, sexy dresses, on-point airport swag, crop top’s galore and prints on prints on prints… you name it and this lady has not only attempted it but created her own trademark of oh-so chic and all things drama.

Queen of ‘Elegance’ 



With a beauty like Deepika’s, its always heart-warming to see her continuously carry herself with so much grace and poise. Her presence is extremely feminine, confident and inspiring and she has the perfect personal style to match all these other remarkable assets. Whether it be in jeans, a saree, gown or cocktail dress there is not a moment where this beaut does not look like a goddess infused in pure elegance.

Queen of ‘Fierce’



Unique beauty, a wardrobe that every girl wishes could be her closet and BFF of Sonam Kapoor – yeah, she’s definitely a fashion stunna! From bold – refreshing color palettes, floor-length gowns with thigh high slits, renowned body-con dress from Jhumi Ki Raat, burgundy over-sized hat ensemble at the Dirby and her gorgeous get-up on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Bride; just these prime examples have declared Jacqueline as the most fierce for 2014.

Queen of ‘Versatility’ 



I refer to Kangana as the chameleon of Bollywood. She is one bad-ass Fashionista who never fails to make a bold appearance. But what is most intriguing  about this lady is that she chooses to be a woman of many characters when it comes to her personal style and every single time she owns and embraces that confident character of choice for the day/evening. Phenomenal actress with a complementary attitude and style.

And that is a wrap and my final post for 2014 on the last day of 2014! =) Some of you may be wondering why did I not include Sonam Kapoor … let’s face it Sonam is the Queen of it ALL! She has created her own niche in Bollywood as the fashion icon, where even if she were to wear a potato sac or garbage bag as an outfit we all know that she would still look breath-taking. With that being said …

HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVERYONE! Thanks for all the support and love in 2014 … big things to come in 2015 and I can hardly wait!

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