Dabboo Ratnani Calendar 2015

January is the month that I await to have my god damn mind blown away and I leave that all in the hands of renowned celebrity photographer, Dabboo Ratnani. Year after year this man never fails to  inspire and leave all us Bollywood mavens absolutely flabbergasted with his extraordinary photography of our favorite big-wigs of Indian cinema. The first month of the year marks the debut of his annual star-studded calendar and the tradition of B-town stars flooding their social media outlets with their personal snaps from the calendar continues.. Prepare to be mesmerized as I share some of my favorite shots from the 2015 calendar:



Probably my favorite shot from the calendar series. I have never seen Shraddha in this light before and I think she just looks so naturally herself and sexy. This was Shraddha’s first time shooting for Dabboo and he definitely shows off her most amazing assets.



Oh Jacqueline … you are always such a babe and your energy is truly contagious. This shot simply calls to mind that if you are not having this much fun or even more whilst jumping on your bed … don’t even bother. After all, beauty is found in the simplest of things, right?



Leave it to Sonakshi to be a complete charmer with her crazy shenanigans and antics. Flaunting her cute bob with a tint of color she stole my heart with her killer expressions. Best believe it is on my bucket list to do a shoot filled with nothing but crazy expressions this year.



Oh. Em. Gee. PLEASE just walk into my life and shatter my heart into a trillion pieces and run away. Ha-ha didn’t think that Sidharth could sport more of a bad ass look then the one he suited in Ek Villian but this is pretty mean. Love the styling and that specific heart key tatty on his face. Heart-breaker much?



Not a huge Parineeti fan but this has got to be one of the sexiest shots from the calendar and hands down the finest I have ever seen Parineeti Chopra looking. The styling details of the specs and watch are just the right touch – overall an effortless, chic and brilliant shot.

Celebrating 16 remarkable years of the star-studded calendar and Dabboo Ratnani still over-succeeds to create remarkable images but most importantly bring to life the best assets, attitude, style and individuality of each B-town star. Thoughts??

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