My 411

This is rather interesting for me to be writing after having a blog for over a year now but surprisingly I never wrote a proper introduction/welcome to my blog hoorah so here it is… WELCOME to my world.  I’ll skip the whole nine yard spiel about the type of content that I write about on my blog as it is listed right under my logo but I will definitely touch base on other significant points and rant my feelings away…


When I began blogging last year I had no idea what direction I was headed towards. I always have a lot to say when talking about fashion, Bollywood and my life in general so I thought to myself ok lets experiment with a personal blog and see where it goes…  I started by making a few headers and whenever something caught my interest or I was extremely passionate about a product or event I was attending, I would whip up a post. Within that year, I was pre-occupied with other commitments and was stressing myself out working ridiculous amount of hours and barely sleeping. Shortly after I realized that I really enjoy expressing myself through writing – infact I love writing and when I get to do it on a personal level with no guidelines, time-frame or a professional voice; it really does not feel like work. And isn’t that really the whole point … isn’t that we all strive for at the end of the day to be doing work that is play, to be doing what we love so work is not work.


Once I started to get a lot more great and positive feedback about my writing, personal style and overall posts – I thought to myself ok this is it … I’m going to make my blog my first priority now. I started by tackling a game plan for 2015 which is a combination of short term and long term goals and decided that I will be posting atleast twice a week now regardless of how chaotic my schedule is going to get. I’m incorporating a beauty emphasis, my personal purchases, a DIY project every month as well as more of my personal style. I’m hoping to connect and collaborate with bloggers across Canada and eventually India and hopefully one day to be working with brands and labels that I absolutely admire.


Feels like I just poured my heart out to you all and it feels wonderful – hope you all enjoyed the read.  Why did you start blogging and what inspires you to blog every day?

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