Saved By The Bell Reunion?!

Uhhhhh YEA its Throwback Thursday!! Ok. I have officially lost my shits – THIS. ACTUALLY. JUST. HAPPENED. I’m in a bit of a shock state but overwhelming with excitement and can’t believe that my childhood just flashed before my eyes. If you were a 80’s-90’s baby… Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Full House and Saved by the Bell were the IT TV shows that all of us could not wait to get home from school to watch. Agreed? Ok, moving along ..

Zack and Kelly

Saved by the Bell was probably my second favorite show because lets face it who can compete with my ever-lasting crush and favorite actor of all time, Will Smith and the crazy Banks family. BUT Zack Morris was my first white boy crush and Kelly Kapowski was just a down right babe and a fashion aspiration while growing up AND together they were the cutest couple EVER. I recall perhaps a year ago … Saved by the Bell was streamed on Netflix and of course I got no work done and decided to be an owl for days until I fully watched every single episode. (I cried like a baby when Zack and Kelly broke up for good in high school ha-ha) Alright … I’m being too much of a fan girl right now and I seriously need to relax. BUT Oh. Em. Gee … check this out:

YEAH! Tell me to relax now ….

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