BEAUTY: ‘Cyber’ from MAC Cosmetics

And my obsession with bold and dark lipsticks continue … My best friend actually introduced this particular shade to me as she ended up doing my hair and makeup for a recent shoot. She suggested to me that we try out this new lipstick that was recently added to her makeup kit. And from that moment forward .. Cyber has become my novelty addiction.

Cyber_Selfie2I categorize this lipstick into my family of perfect edgy babies! Considering its a rich, deep purple it is a great alternative to Rebel which has always been my favorite go-to shade of bold lipstick. For this particular shoot, my friend applied Bespoken lip liner also from MAC cosmetics to create the intensity that I had initially envisioned to complement my styling for this creative. Cyber is a satin finish, therefore I would recommend painting on a coat of clear, moisturizing lip gloss after the lipstick application. What to wear with the lipstick? Personally, I have been experimenting blacks, greys, knee high boots and oversized fur vests.

Cyber_SelfieWhat would you pair with this bad ass lippie??

PS – I have received the final edits from this photo-series and I will post a few tomorrow! Absolutely in love and super impressed with the overall results. Keep posted. Xo.

6 thoughts on “BEAUTY: ‘Cyber’ from MAC Cosmetics

  1. I only know a handful of people who can pull of dark lipstick and you look AMAZING. I think I mentioned this before on your blog but I love MAC products either way so maybe one day I’ll try the dark lipstick look!


    • Awww thank you so much! You definitely should. Maybe start with ‘Rebel’ its a bit lighter then this specific shade and it seems to be one of MAC’s popular shades that the artists always recommend. Thanks for stopping by girl! ❤

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