In the world of a giant …

For those of you that read my post from yesterday on my most recent MAC lipstick addiction;  obviously came across the last snippet where I had mentioned that I will be sharing some of the final edits from my most recent photo-shoot series (the selfies incorporated in my last post were behind the scene shots I took prior to and after my shoot)


These images are from my first photo-shoot for this year with one of my absolute favorite photographers as well as dearest friend, Behram Antia from Luminoso Photography. Needless to say that he’s absolutely amazing and I have yet to come across a photographer that is compare worthy to capture our city on its finest scale of beauty the way that he does. Initially, when I had discussed the look I was going to be styling for this shoot, I had a personal request that sounding something like this … “Is there a way where you can make me a giant in the edits and the rest of the city small?” and his exact response was “LOL yes my dear little giant…one of the funniest sounding photo requests ever!” And I call myself a writer … Oh the confessions of a tiny girl.


As for the styling aspect of this shoot, I kept the color palettes neutral and cohesive with greys and blacks and pulled together the perfect components of winter fashion: knee-high boots, over-sized vest, cute hat, prominent accessories and a fierce glam get up created by my bff; dark lips, intense winged liner and crisp curls.


What do y’all think? Leave me some feedback and I would love to hear your ideas/thoughts on concepts I should try for my next shoot. Xo. 

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