OOTD: Royal Wedding Expo Feat. Monopop

In November, one of my favorite fashion veterans of India, Masaba Gupta bid farewell to her position as creative director with Satya Paul (a well-established brand recognized for their innovation on contemporary prints, colors and a whole lot of fun) Initially, of course I was bittersweet when I had come across this news BUT when I heard of her final collaboration with Satya Paul… MY SOCKS WERE KNOCKED RIGHT OFF AND I SIMPLY COULD NOT EVEN DEAL. Yes.  I express passion through caps when writing ha-ha.


Masaba’s final collaboration with Satya Paul included a third party; Disney. Yeap! A range of clothing and accessories that were gorgeously printed with Disney’s finest mascots; Mickey and Minnie Mouse called Monopop. Ummm hello. Child-hood flashing before my eyes and yes I am that 24 year old freak that is still obsessed with Mickey, Minnie, all of the Disney princesses and Disneyland. AND the moment she announced this collaboration … I absolutely lost all five senses and began blogging at 5am to express my excitement for her collection. I was so thrilled and then this happened …


Screenshot from my personal blog on her Instagram!

AND of course I lost all five senses once again and anticipated for the days for the collection to be available for purchase online and when it was … you best believe I bought a damn Minnie Mouse saree! Which is what I ended up wearing to the Royal Wedding Expo on February 8th as I covered the event for KARMA.

OOTD_Monopop6Now as for my OOTD; I substituted the typical saree blouse with a leather bustier crop top that I purchased from GUESS? for that much needed refined appeal and edge that I was gearing towards. My fabulous hair and makeup artist, Amita Suranna from A/S Fusion Studios gave me a sultry smokey eye, subdued red lips and tossed curls. I have some pretty remarkable shots of my makeup from that afternoon and perhaps I will do a beauty breakdown of the products she used on me. Overall, I had a wonderful time at the Royal Wedding expo!! I haven’t received all the pictures from the event just yet but I will definitely put together a quick round-up once I do receive the images.

Check out the rest of the Monopop Disney collection by Satya Paul and Masaba Gupta here: http://www.satyapaul.com/disney-monopop-by-satya-paul.html

Photo Courtesy: Herb Mann from KARMA Magazine


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