The joys of being 24

Holla! Its the weekend. FINALLY. Let me just start off with saying that this following week has been INSANE. I won’t get too much into it but I will share that tomorrow, Sunday March 1st I will be a quarter of a century and my friends are taking me to Seattle, Washington in about two hours in celebration of my 25th birthday. Hallelujah. I’m somewhat of a walking, talking zombie at the moment to say the least and I will unveil the details as to why when time is appropriate *wink wink* BUT in celebration of me turning the big 2. 5. I would like to share with all of you 24 lessons, words of wisdom and things that I caught a drift of while being 24.


1. Show your true colors to your true sides. Every individual consists of a split personality. I have 7. I’m not joking and when it is the time of the month I have 10. My friends witness it and my family members, no one else. Ever.

2. Pick your positive circle wisely because life is too damn bloody short to surround yourself with negativity. My friends are my sanity. I have been blessed in my life with not one but four remarkable best friends, who I share completely different and down right wicked relationships with. All hell can be breaking lose in my life but the minute I see or briefly chat with any of them, a whole lot of weight is lifted off my shoulders. I chose my second family wisely

3. Exercise in some form; gym, yoga, dance, whatever tickles your fancy. I pole dance. Leave it at that. Its for fitness purposes. I’ll leave it at that for real now. No, but seriously its for fitness purposes.

4. Pick a food of any form to aid hangovers, heart-breaks, good times and random cravings. Mine is french fries with a side of gravy.

5. Set long-term and short-term goals. Write that shit down and work at it every single day.

7. Aside from food, family, friends, exercise; invest in other things you truly enjoy doing. I love Bollywood movies and every week I watch maybe two.

8. Family first. Nothing and I repeat NOTHING can acquire for the price of your loved ones. Spending that quality time with my sibling, cousins and parents always give me that heart-warming and giddy feeling.


9. Face your fears. Comfort zones are meant to be broken and stepped out of.

10. Reward yourself. Small accomplishments or big ones, its important to treat yourself in order to keep pursuing whatever it is that you willingly want to do with all your heart.

11. Compete with no one but the reflection you wake up to face in the mirror every single morning. Its a waste of time to compare yourself to someone else on any level as you will never know that individuals personal struggle, grind or past. Invest that time into eating a cookie or two instead..

12. Always respect yourself. Self-respect leads to self discipline and if you don’t respect and love yourself then how can the rest of the world? Words said to me by my dad when I was 12 and it has been embedded into my brain since then.

13. Express your feelings. I had a blow out with a friend few weeks back all simply because I kept bottling up my thoughts and I’m not sure why I did it quite frankly. But of course we talked it through and now we are the Pinky and the Brain, master scheming how and when we are going to take over this world ha-ha

14. Travel while you are young and able. Money makes the world go around and it wil always be a factor in life that we are never going to be satisfied with. Put it on your credit card, pack your bags and leave. Experience will always be far more valuable than money ever will be.

15. Make the most of every opportunity ALWAYS. You never know who’s observing and what future opportunities can walk through that door.

16. No expectations. When you have expectations from people, you are usually setting yourself up for disappointment and in a way its kind of selfish for you to put that sort of pressure on someone else’s full plate of life.


17. Capture every moment through that camera lens, selfies are definitely permitted! You will thank yourself later.

18. Understand that social media is that unbelievable pain in your ass friend. Actually, imagine that it is a cow .. and you are stranded on Old Macdonald’s farm with a herd of cows and there is nothing to drink and you are so thirsty so OBVIOUSLY you are going to milk that cow as much as your possibly can to fulfill your thirst buds. Catch my drift. Milk it as much as you can .. it can be tedious, but it is most definitely your friend.

19. Dress well always. Whether you are fashion muse or not .. you live once and we are extremely blessed with the abundance of fashion/style. Put in that effort because when you look great, you feel great. Heck .. you don’t gotta spend an arm and leg either.

20. Learn to be patient. Anna Wintour quotes “If you’re an overnight sensation, you can be yesterday’s news in no time, whereas building something slowly and carefully that has value and quality, that’s what going to have legs” Good things take a while and great things can feel like an entire lifetime. But in the end … hard work always pays off, just hang on and keep at it constantly.

21. Grind. You want something… its not going to be handed to you on a golden platter. WERK.

22. Trust your instincts. You can be your worst enemy but no one knows you the way you know yourself; trust those uneasy feelings in the gut and those positive butterfly vibes.

23. Cry when you need to. Whether it be in the shower, to a friend, sitting in the darkness … let it out, pick yourself back up and tell yourself it will be ok because it always will be.

24. SMILE. Through the good and the bad. Its pretty damn contagious.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! I must hit the road soon ..


17 thoughts on “The joys of being 24

  1. Omg omg omg! What a beautiful, well thought, amazingly written post. Every point makes soooo much sense. And is so distinct and beautiful and what not! 😍😍 the one about split personality so trueee!!! The one about travelling not caring about money – trueeee! The one about instincts – aaaaah trueee!!! 😂
    Ok let me not eat up your entire comment section.
    P.S. we are the same age. HiFi. 🙌
    P.P.S. oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear girl 💝

    • LOL you are just the cutest Shilpa! I love reading your comments and even your posts because I truly think that we are so alike in so many ways. Your enthusiasm for once haha. AND oh.em.gee to being the same age, how ironic but awesome?! AND Thank you for the warm wishes, I’ll be doing a birthday roundup of this following weekend on my blog sometime this week.

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