The Fab 25!

Officially 25 now! And this post is how I get my closure from my absolutely amazing, perfect beyond words birthday weekend with the finest; my sanity circle of friends. We call ourselves ‘The Shit Show’ Need I say more? …


So as mentioned in my previous post, I went to Seattle, Washington to celebrate my 25th birthday and it was hands down one of the most phenomenal trips I have ever taken and possibly one of the best birthdays I have had in a really long time. I always say that I am truly blessed with the most ridiculous, loving and positive circle of friends a girl could ever ask for; no but for real! There was not a single dull moment this weekend and my friends went completely out of their way to make sure that my 25th went down in history. Here are some of my favorite and highlight moments:


 – The best presents EVER – 

Sonam_BDAY1I got spoilt rotten … infinity and beyond type of spoilt through the most remarkable presents. My girlfriends bought me two pairs of Swarvoski colored studs, the cutest card, a ‘getting shit done’ memo pad, a certificate saying that I am the ‘Shit’ to our show ha-ha AND a Monopop Disney shirt from Satya Paul and Masaba Gupta’s collection that I am still obsessed with. All together my friends put together an AH-MAZE-ING scrapbook which they cleverly titled ‘The Sonam Diaries’; highlighting my relationship that I share with each and every single one of them and on the very last page of the scrap book was a picture of my best friend and I from our trip to Disneyland last year and an all inclusive 4-day cruise to MEXICO!!!!!  RIGHT?!?! I still haven’t wrapped my head around it. Wow.


– Surprise visit from “Ranveer Singh” –


His actual name is Eric Kalsi and he is one of my dearest friends. A week prior to my birthday I began harassing him 3048203 times a day; hoping that somehow I could convince him to make it out to my birthday shenanigans even though he told me he wouldn’t be able to due to other commitments. AND of course being the little sneaky booger that he is .. he drove down to Seattle himself that Saturday afternoon and made it several hours before my actual birthday and drove back a day before the rest of us did. I was speechless, completely taken aback and extremely happy … his initial response to my reaction was “Did you really think I was going to miss your 25th birthday?” AND this little piggy couldn’t even contain her emotions at that moment so she cried like a baby. PS – He’s a model in the making; watch for this space 😉


– Bonding time with the girls – 


I don’t have many other girlfriends and the reason being is that these two compensate for a dozen, literally my left and right hand girls in sickness, health, love? I don’t know the rest of the vows because well I’m Indian but you all get the point I’m sure. From getting ready together, to cuddling, dancing, sitting on top of one another, being absolutely ridiculous, bullying one another and getting under each others skin; the time I spent with these two over the weekend was absolutely priceless. AND we captured all of it through videos and pictures to last a lifetime!


– Shout outs on Facebook/Instagram – 



As if all this princess treatment wasn’t enough .. several handful of people gave me the cutest and I repeat the CUTEST shout-outs on social media. Take a look for yourself!



– Shoes, shoes and more shoes – 


On our drive to Seattle, I insisted that we stop over at Tulalip Outlets because I absolutely love Vince Camuto shoes and at outlet prices? YES. PLEASE. The moment I walked in, I told everyone to not talk to me as I scouted for preferred styles. I tried on a good 12 pairs of shoes, bought three and I ended up picking up another pair of nude babies from ROSS. 4 pairs of shoes under $200?!?! YES. PLEASE. (I will incorporate some styles into my March shopping haul)

Pretty kick ass and perfect birthday right?! I would say. Couldn’t have asked for anything more. Thank you to all of you for all the warm wishes.. it truly means the world to me and those special select few who celebrated with me… I love you guys to bit, couldn’t have asked for a better second family. Xo.

17 thoughts on “The Fab 25!

  1. Happy birthday love! It’s always so, so nice knowing you have people who care about you, enough to make your birthday THIS special! I received a scrapbook a couple years ago and I cried actual tears. I prefer presents like that because it means they actually put a lot of effort into it.

    XO naomi @ Naomi in Wonderland

    • Thank you so much girl! I felt extremely, extremely special this birthday; couldn’t have asked for anything more. TOTALLY agree with you .. such a sucker for sentimental gifts and yes my best friend spent an entire 48 hours putting it together; quite the remarkable commitment eh? Xo.

  2. Your. Friends. O.M.G. I loveeeee such thoughtful gifts. The scrap book is so cute I could look at it forever. So much effort!!! You must be the most amazing person for people to love you to the moon n back!! Your friend Ranveer (so hot…Ok more on that later.. Or never 😂😜) so sweet of him to surprise you like that!!
    Its fab 25 indeed!!! Have an amazing year babe!!

    • Awwwww thank you so much Shilpa! LOL you are so funny .. I showed my friend “Ranveer” your comment and he laughed hysterically. Please don’t flatter him some more haha; but yes definitely was really sweet of him. Hope all is well with you?!

      • Hahahaha I’m feeling all school girly and blushing that he saw my message. Lol! All is good with me! So sweet of you to ask 😊💝

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