When I look at the storm that has passed through my current closet and makeup drawer, I think its validated for me to say that “the struggle is real”  I always say that all is fair in personal grooming and looking fabulous to the T; but holy jeez I actually can’t even deal right now !! AND of course I keep procrastinating to clean up after my piggy ways – the never ending piles of everything and anything in several clutters. What am I doing and what’s my excuse this time around … Well, I wonder myself sometimes …

As for my personal style throughout the FW15 season of VFW, I alternated between a handful of different looks for each of the days that I had attended. It is quite difficult for me to decipher which look was my most desired for the week but this  particular one definitely makes the cut as one of my favorites.


The amazing tunic blouse (gifted from my two dearest girlfriends for my 25th birthday) that I am wearing over my velvet black body suit, paired with high-waisted shorts is none other than a Satya Paul and Masaba Gupta original from their last collaboration together – ‘Monopop’ encompassed around Disney’s finest mascots; Mickey and Minnie Mouse. I’m sure by now all of you must know how much of  Disney fanatic I am and how much I simply can’t seem to get over the pieces in this collection !!


With this particular outfit I focused on being corky, fun and glamorous through an immense play with primary colors – blood red, canary yellow and that perfect cobalt blue. Creating a solid black on black playful jumpsuit and throwing over my ‘Monopop’ tunic blouse leaving all the buttons open except for the one at the very top to create the illusion of a chic, chiffon trench was the core base of my outfit. As for accessories: I paired these brilliant blue knee high socks with black panels and peep-toe ankle booties. I wore these amazing earrings that incorporate all three of the primary colors, wooden indian bangles paired with some beads on one hand and a cute bow hair tie on the opposing hand.


My hair and makeup for this evening was done by the ever so lovely, Anita Hundal from Anita Hundal Studio’s and owner of Zaira’s Couture! Be sure to follow this exceptional and hard-working women on Instagram: @anitahundalstudios and hit that ‘LIKE’ button on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Anita-Hundal/167652319928838?fref=ts

Several more posts to go lovelies, keep posted! Xo.

Photography: Kuna Lu Photography Group | Rohit Sharma Photography

14 thoughts on “OOTD: DAY 3 at VFW FW15

  1. I am IN LOVE with that tunic blouse. Can I just have all that you are wearing? The bow hair tie is too adorable. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I’ll clean “out” your closet for you ^_~

  2. This is such a great demonstration of how indian fashion is not all saris and salwars. And I admire how much you contemplate the role each element and colour plays in your outfit.

  3. Mickey mouse strikes again! Have you been hoarding every piece from that collection Sonam *wagging a fat finger expression* hahaha I love it! And quite unrelated, but I loved the red lipstick! Suits you like a boss!

    • Haha I have been TOTALLY hoarding every piece from the collection! My best gal pals bought me that shirt though as a bday gift but I won’t deny that I am considering on getting another lovely saree. I love red lipstick on anyone .. nothing speaks more confidence than a kick ass red lipstick. Thanks for the wonderful and heart-felt comments .. as always! Xo.

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