Since the beginning of time I have and always will admire Barbie. Yeah, yeah I’m sure every girl can relate and we all had Barbie Dolls; who’s makeovers consisted of long locks alternated into pixie cuts and black and blue face paint. Well .. my childhood was a bit different; my mom didn’t let me open any of my Barbie Dolls and I had shelves and shelves of Barbie’s displayed in my room till ..well now. Every year my parents buy me atleast two amazing Barbie’s one for Christmas and one for my birthday. A little unreal for a full grown 25 year old women right? Yeah … AND what’s even more ridiculous is that I have nearly 200 Barbie dolls in their boxes stored in the garage somewhere. Like every girl .. Barbie had been our first aspiration when it comes to the world of glitz, glamour, sparkle and fashion. So when given the chance to be Barbie … why the hell not?!? AND what better place to flaunt then fashion week!

Gurp Dhaliwal from Captur-Eyes Studios completely slayed my ‘Barbie-esque’ vision I had in mind for DAY 4 of VFW. Of course I will never look like Barbie because well my skin color first … but her iconic palettes of brilliant purples and pinks can surely be incorporated into a fabulous glam look. Here is the beautiful look that Gurp had created:


AND here is a quick 411 on the products she used for my eyes/face:

Gerard Cosmetics ‘All Dolled Up lipstick’ | Anastasia Beverly Hills dark brown brow powder | Smashboxx violet eyeshadow | Makeup Geek Cosmetics ‘Corrupt’ ‘Beaches and Cream’ and ‘Cosmopolitan’ eyeshadows | The Balm Cosmetics Mary Lou Manizer | Red Cherry lashes #523 

Simply flawless and stunning work right?!?! She is quite the perfectionist and detail-orientated artist; be sure to give this darling a follow on Instagram: @captureyesstudio and hit that ‘LIKE’ button on Facebook:

Farewell darlings! Until tomorrow and more on #VFW.

25 thoughts on “BEAUTY: DAY 5 VFW FW15

  1. Do your remember my comment about going for it with the purple hair? That you would look amazing? I think you still would… but your hair is just too gorgeous this way. ❤

    • I sure do! I always tell myself that I will be more adventurous with my hair but then I chicken out .. therefore; I just experiment with my makeup looks and go all out with my outfits instead. I guess it compensates in some way. Thanks for the sweet comment! Xo.

  2. Love love LOVE it! Those eyeliner skills are amazing. Your eyes are perfectly framed yet it doesn’t take up too much space on the lid that you miss the beautiful detail of the colours…if that makes sense haha.

    • Haha I am quite the amateur as I believe when it comes to beauty and makeup application; although it does make sense! The colors on my eyes really do make that wonderful statement even though the eyeliner is evident and bold. Thanks for your insightful comments as always ❤

  3. Make up wise I’m so unwise but still I love your eyes! Its a work of art this one! Beautiful 😀 and I’m wondering have they used these contouring technique? Cos your face looks so chiseled and structured 😍

    • Trust me girly! I am on the same page as you when it comes to beauty .. I usually just color my lids entirely black, put on lots of liner, heavy mascara and call it a day! YES .. she did some amazing contouring, highlighting and a super pretty shade of blush. I wish I knew how to do that as well ..

    • Awwww. Its not that amazing .. TRUST. The amount of split ends on this head full of too much hair is horrifying. My secret is AMLA oil though and some other nasty smelling hair masks from LUSH Cosmetics. Hmmm inspired to do a possible blog post .. Thanks Shilpa! ❤

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