Bedroom is still a gong show and quite the disaster; the struggle could not be more real. Although, once I come across some of the images that were snapped of me during VFW from Kuna Photography; my heart smiles that creepy side sarcastic smirk in the emoji world. That emoji we all absolutely admire.. if you have no idea what I’m talking about; you live under a rock and need to crawl out this very moment !! Haha bare with me, I am writing this post at 2am and hopefully the preferred look below compensates for my royal wackiness at the moment. Check it out …


A quick fun fact about my personal style: I have a bit of an obsession with color-blocking and color theory. Majority of my looks, incorporates two-three colors and aside from all the glitz, drama, prints and sparkles; the base of my outfits usually starts with mixing and/or matching colors. More of a 411 … several years ago when I was completing my post secondary in fashion marketing, I had taken a ‘Color Theory’ class and this class completely intrigued me. I was always floored on the substantial knowledge of colors and ever since then I had taken my obtained knowledge in conjunction with my individual flare and added the element of color theory into my day-day personal style. The extremely coordinated outfit of cool hues above must make more sense now eh? …


So yes the color-matching in this particular outfit could not be more precise. Ever heard of that quote “Once in awhile blow your own god damn mind ..” YES. Well, with my play on colors in this OOTD; I might have just done that. Also, blue and purple are my favorite colors and to be wearing both tastefully in one outfit… winning !! A clean black on black pairing was the base of my look. I added more character to the blacks through materials and cuts – mesh insets in a harem pant style and a sexy leather bustier top. My athletic inspired cropped jacket is actually a crop top that I wore backwards and fully unzipped to create the illusion of a chic, effortless and fabulous throw over.

OOTD_DAY4(2)Heels: Leopard, metallic and harmonious purples and teals; exact color matching to my ‘cropped jacket’.

Accessories: BOLD. Statement necklace comprised of deep purples, gun-metals and costume crystals. An arm full of Alexis Bittar colored bangles in purples and blues of course. Specs for a hint of sophistication and even more character AND dark purple lips with a highlight of silver pigment in the middle of my bottom lip.

That is all folks! This wraps up my OOTD segment for VFW. YAY !! Few more posts left to cover VFW and the remaining two is all ‘RUNWAY’ geared. Keep posted darlings and Holllaaaaaaaa .. its Friday !! Xo.

Photography: Kuna Lu Photography Group

18 thoughts on “OOTD: DAY 4 at VFW FW15

  1. ah-mazing look! the color coordination is so on point 🙂 you look beautiful ❤
    instagram: the_ch1ara

  2. Isn’t this the outfit on Insta I was oohing and aahing about 😍 the color combination and blocking is beautiful. And the crop top as a jacket is a brillliiaaannt idea! I could never guess it was a worn backwards! And those glittery shoes!
    No wonder you are a professional fashion designer! I am still swooning over the outfit!

    Ooh ohh and those nerdy specs 😱💝😘😍 too good!

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