RUNWAY: Best of VFW FW15

Happy Sunday y’all! Alrighty, now that I have fully taken care of the beauty and outfit looks I was dying to share with my readers/followers for VFW; let’s talk runway business! Few sentences of clarification …  I did not attend every single day at VFW this season, other days I arrived fashionably late; which in return of course means that I missed a handful of really exceptional designers on the catwalk. More so over, this round up is solely based on my individual perception of the shows that I happened to personally sit in on and watch.


Every designer/fashion veteran is absolutely wonderful in their own craft, form, art, design aesthetic, etc … Hence, the process of elimination was beyond a real struggle – Especially, when attempting to narrow down my list to ‘Top 5’  Of course I managed after a few, several hours and here are my personal favorite (in no particular order) absolutely extraordinary designers that truly owned the runway this season …



Possibly one of the most stunning and ultra feminine collection’s to grace the runway this season at VFW. Paola Gamero showcased her divine ‘Behind the Mask’ FW15 line in brilliant jewel tones of elaborate cocktail numbers to glamorous evening gowns and striking jumpsuits. Through lace embroidery, jewels, radiant silks and flattering silhouettes; Gamero’s pieces ensured to leave a lasting impression as she flaunted immense handmade attention to detail. Even the most complex of terms cannot define nor describe how beautiful her pieces were. This was Gamero’s first showcase at VFW and here’s to hoping she returns season after season.



South Korean designer Hong Kiyong returned back to VFW for his third consecutive year showcasing the euphony of ‘luxury streetwear’ Through clean, neutral palettes of effortless tailored suiting, Kiyong depicted the perfect foundation of his design principle – ‘Minimalistic Exaggeration with street’ His models sauntered down the runway in VERY cool kicks as if they meant business; firmly gripping newspapers/water bottles, that mandatory hand in hair contact, collars popped and killer shades accompanied with an attitude that is truly incomparable. Looking forward to seeing Hong Kiyong’s inspiration of contemporary arts for yet another fabulous season of VFW in September.



Since 1995, Sunny’s Bridal Gallery has established itself as the leading luxury South-Asian boutique in Vancouver. Through an extensive selection of women’s, men’s accessories and custom design options, the boutique has created a distinct identity as a one-stop shop for every brides most prosperous day. The much anticipated gallery’s debut exhibition at VFW was a visual treat for the peepers of the ever so trendy audience. The faultless collection was coordinated in a harmonious warm to cool color sequence and styled to perfection by the woman of versatility, Mesha Toor. Being a women of many talents, Mesha also sauntered the catwalk; alongside extremely good-looking, talented and a pleasant surprise of models who flaunted the most gorgeous ready to wear pieces. This astonishing model line entailed the successful, motivational and empowering influencers of the South-Asian community in Vancouver: Nira Arora – Radio host for The Beat 94.5, Sushma Ji – TV reporter for Women in Focus, Vikram VJ – Indo-Canadian chef and restaurant owner and Bal Braich – Field news reporter for CBC. Quite the miraculous show indeed, congratulations to the team; hopefully this  is the start of something new and Sunny’s Bridal will return for another fabulous season in September.



“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say and not give a F***” – this citation from the ruthless twin sister duo from London is the ideal mantra to summarize the foundation of their corky, fresh and out of the ordinary brand. The mastermind girls  seriously don’t give a F*** and that truly is the beauty of their brand. “Together innovating new s***” they presented quite the range of original prints and bold as ever lifestyle clothing inspired from The Adams Family and Vampire’s. Graphic over-sized tee’s with vulgar quotes, primary color pairings, two-three horned black baseball caps, a whimsical of corky and extremely fun coordinate sets (my personal favorite were the lips with the vampire fangs) and sleek pig tails. How is that for innovation? 😉



Based out of Beijing, Paloma Sanchez devotes her time travelling, on a distinct quest of allocating the finest organic, natural stones. Being the jewelry designer and GIA gemologist for her brand, she alters each stone into an original, absolutely amazing piece of work that will never be duplicated. Showcasing her pieces at VFW for the very first time this season, Sanchez sure knows how to captivate the audience through a remarkable runway presentation. The lighting for her show was completely dimmed, her models were dressed in black body suits and each model carried spot lights that were flashed consecutively on the jewels they were adorned in. It was simply exquisite and the most well-executed jewelry collection to ever grace the runway of VFW.

AND its a wrap!! This is my second last post for VFW and of course that bittersweet rush is slowly kicking in as all of last week I designated just to the 25th season of VFW. Oh well .. next season is just six months away. Final post tomorrow… on the most humble, genuine and talented man I have ever met – Shravan Kumar Ramaswamy. Keep posted and happy Sunday Funday! Xo.

Photography: Kuna Lu Photography Group | Silverster Law Photgraphy

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