RUNWAY: Shravan Kumar ‘The Tribes of India’

Shravan_OpeningActFor over 18 years, Hyderahbad’s fashion veteran, Shravan Kumar Ramaswamy has created an incomparable niche and embassy in the cut-throat industry of fashion. Honorably recognized as an extremely humble and brilliant artist who originates magical designs with the finest hues of craftmanship through the lavish variety of hand-looms in all regions of India; the man of many talents drives inspiration from the unusual and the beautiful. Being one of the most anticipated designers to ever grace the runway of VFW in the last 25 years, Shravan certifies to captivate and leave the fabulous attendees of VFW flabbergasted season after season by inspiring true art that comes from the simplest source of Indian culture.

ShravanKumar_FinalEdit4Returning back for a phenomenal third consecutive season; Shravan enhances our beautiful city with the crafts of the gypsy tribes. Through impeccable thread embroidery in conjunction with mirror and beadwork, vibrant hues and a blend of organics, silk, satin’s, hand spun cottons and woven hand-looms; the artist presents his highly anticipated FW15 collection at VFW; ‘The Tribes of India’

ShravanKumar_FinalEdit5The marvelous collection was introduced on a grand scale through an energy-packed gypsy folk number;  a tribute to Lord Shiva performed by well-renowned Canadian actress, teacher and dancer Priya Rajaratnam. Priya danced her heart away, truly flooring the audience with her majestic number.  AND  promptly after Priya’s performance was the moment we were all at the edge of our seats for; an astounding  15 minute showcase of 35 breath-taking garments, accessories, full blown culture and simple brilliance. Shravan wooed VFW with gypsie fashion in its strongest elevation of sophistication through the fusion of old Indian craft incorporated into contemporary, bohemian styles.  I can ramble on more and more but even the most perfect choice of words will never justify “The Tribes of India” Take a look for yourself … long indeed but every minute is truly worth your time:

And that is a wrap to my VFW coverage of this FW15 season! What an amazing and absolutely incredible week it was. I forgot to add in my coverage of Shravan as I focused solely on him and his collection, but my side-kick and I were assisting backstage during fittings and rehearsals for Shravan’s show. We took this picture with Shravan’s family who I most definitely consider family of my own now, right after we packed up.

Hope you all enjoyed the lengthy read … back in normal blogging momentum starting NOW! Happy hump day lovelies. Xo.

‘Tribes of India’ Video: Aman Bal from Elite Images

Photography: Kuna Photography Group

5 thoughts on “RUNWAY: Shravan Kumar ‘The Tribes of India’

  1. What colors!! I realized I’m such a true blue Indian. Lol. Only when I see colors and bright and different ones at that I’m excited. Hehehe

  2. Thanks for sharing the vid! 🙂 Love the accessories especially the head- and earpieces. I wish the head pieces could be as popular as…I don’t know – common necklaces or rings…

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