March 2015 Shopping Haul

March was such an extraordinary and extremely eventful month! It was also a month that completely flew by me and I can’t believe that it is already April?!! Then again I had events such as VFW, my birthday and styling/coordinating my FIRST actual shoot for someone else – a definite other blog post. These commitments and shenanigans kept me more than ever occupied and constantly on my toes. Since I was a busy, busy bee I shopped less for myself, more for someone really special that is soon to enter into my life (I AM GOING TO BE AN AUNT !!!) and worked harder then usual. Win-win I think 😉 Here are my favorite purchases for the month of March:


Picked up these cute bad-boys when I had gone to Seattle for my birthday weekend. I love Vince Camuto shoes; they are comfy, reasonably priced and the styles are just too adorable to pass up. Alongside these booties, I also snagged a pair of knee high boots and a black pair of leather peep-toe booties. LOVE all of them but these are my first pair of burgundy shoes!! Burgundy is one of my absolute favorite colors to wardrobe with as I classify it into a neutral as well as a pop of color. My latest addiction is pairing it with navy blue’s and blush pinks; can’t wait to wear these babies!



The moment I layed my eye on this vest; I knew I was going to be walking out with it. A fringe piece is a definite MUST HAVE for every fashionista’s closet this season. I especially admire the stud detailing and silver chain like tassels that are incorporated throughout the suede fringe. Final point of sale was the versatility that this piece has in my existing wardrobe, such a perfect transitional article of clothing for fusion, western and even Indian looks.



Initially when I layed my eyes on this romper; I was really indifferent. I loved the color sequence but something just seemed offset. However, if there is one article of clothing that I could wear all day, everyday it would most definitely be a romper as they are comfortable, chic and ridiculously cute. So for the sake of this being a romper, I gave it a try and of course ended up purchasing it right after trying it on. It was one of those pieces that looked wonky on the hanger but of course fabulous on. Perfect pairings: wispy soft waves, nude strappy heels, peach gloss and a dainty necklace … talk about a on fleek OOTD.



This amazing blouse/tunic was a gift from my two best friends. YES I am aware that it is not apart of my personal haul but my justification is that I would have purchased it regardless as we all know I am OBSESSED with this collection from Satya Paul X Masaba Gupta X Disney. Already wore this piece to VFW few weeks ago: and oh. em. gee I am beyond stoked to wear it again and again and AGAIN. Call me crazy, but I am debating on purchasing another saree from this collection. Eeeeeek.


Specifically bought this beauty for VFW and I knew prior to purchasing it that I would be setting myself up for disappoint and you can best believe that I definitely did. Few stones fell off at the venue during the shows =| NOT IMPRESSED at all. Oh well … I got two-three wears out of it but holy jeeez Aldo really needs to take into consideration their mark-up cost vs the ridiculous, horrible quality. Sorry for the rant and being a baby … but come on.

Meow. Meow. March haul is DONE!! Comment below and let me know which piece(s) are your favorites and if you have any styling tips/tricks/ideas please do share. Happy Thursday everyone and I hope April has started off on a bright, positive and happy note.

PS: Tomorrow’s post is also a new series on my blog; ‘Styling Diaries’ Keep posted! Xo.

13 thoughts on “March 2015 Shopping Haul

  1. I’m in love with that romper and heck yes get another Sari from the Disney collection so I can live vicariously through you haha xxx

  2. Whoaw 😊 the Vince Camuto booties are my absolute favorite of the list. I’m a sucker for anything dark brown / burgundy 💝 you are going to become an aunt? 😍 congratulations that’s supposedly an amazing experience. That kid is going to be super pampered the aunt for life I am guessing. Hahaha

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