STYLING DIARIES: Eric Kalsi or Ranveer Singh?

New segment on the blog? … I think so! Meet Eric Kalsi [Instagram: @erickalsi] AKA Ranveer Singh … so he wishes ha-ha let’s be honest here; so I wish! Eric and I met about a year and half ago working at a film festival together and instantly we hit it off! In the simplest of terms I would sum up our relationship as: a wonderfully strange, dynamic duo who shares this mutual adoration for Bollywood and drive to create some real epic shit. We are quite joined at the hip .. well, actually I’m probably right up to his hips ha-ha! Jokes aside … Eric is an aspiring model/actor/dancer who really should be in Mumbai, India pursuing a lavish and phenomenal career in Bollywood cinema. Sold yet? … Keep reading!

One of my goals for 2015 is to build a matchless, versatile styling portfolio aside from my personal shoots. Who better to style and coordinate a shoot for then one of my best friends, right?! Being such muses and fans of Bollywood; we tackled two characters played by our favorite hero’s whose styling was appealing to us and I’m sure enticing for other admirers of Bollywood cinema. ‘Ram’ played by Ranveer Singh from Sanjay Leela Bansali’s Ram Leela was our top contender and the other I won’t reveal because well, that’s just not fun! Ever since I have watched Ram Leela, I was extremely intrigued with the attention to detail and ultra cool accessories that Ram had flaunted, accompanied with errr. mah. gawd, the sexiest attitude. So, of course this particular look was too much fun to source and style! Keeping the Rajasthani colors, Ranveer’s overall persona and my own personal flair in mind; this is what I styled and this is what Kalsi bought to the table… The Bollywood in him and completely slaying Ranveer’s attitude game. Check it!

EricKalsi_1I did a play on mix-matching metals with Eric’s necklaces on purpose as Ranveer’s styling in Ram Leela was very effortless and innovative. I also had to make and dissect a few pair of earrings to create some necklaces which was a pain in the rear end; but I was impressed with the results so I’ll quit being a baby. I layered one arm with a crazy ton of colorful and rustic beads, the opposing arm was left fairly minimal and statement rings on random fingers was a definite must. For a few of the shots I insisted he wear a denim vest accompanied with a very Rajasthani and vintage printed dupatta in a bold color and it just so turns out that this particular look happened to be one of my favorite shots. But nonetheless, here is another sneak-peak! Agree now that he should be in Bollywood?! 😉

EricKalsi_2None of this would have been possible without the help, efforts and support of our incredible and hard-working team. Huge shout and special thank you’s to my bff and makeup artist; Gena Kooner for making Eric look more prettier then he already is. Sam and Asha from Raymon’s Decor … you two were absolutely amazing from point A-Z and took a great deal of workload off my tiny little shoulders. Thank you so much for absolutely nailing the vision we had in mind and we can’t wait to work with the both of you again! Anita Hundal from Zaira’s Couture (Whose shots we haven’t put up just yet) for being so ridiculously accommodating and such a sweetheart with your expertise and professionalism; truly feels as if I have known you for ages! Finally, Guneet Dhilon from Amrit Photography .. you are such a perfectionist and exceptional photographer; thank you for your patience, creative direction you had given Eric, and the remarkable finished product(s)! THANK YOU ❤

Now that I gave all of you quite the delectable treat for your peepers on this fine Friday morning … it is time for me to sign off and start my long weekend! Hope all of you have a wonderful Easter weekend and I look forward to reading some super creative and fun posts throughout the next several days. Happy Friday everyone! Xo.

11 thoughts on “STYLING DIARIES: Eric Kalsi or Ranveer Singh?

  1. Book him a ticket tonight and get him to Mumbai ASAP. And whatever you do DON’T get rid of that facial hair! Brilliant styling Sonam. As always your blending of the old with the new is on point.

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