BEAUTY: The Bombay Brow Bar Experience

Once upon a time, several months ago… I made the horrible mistake of not paying Bombay Brow Bar (BBB) a visit for my regular bombshell brows service. My momma bear talked me into a much cheaper alternative of going to see her “brow specialist” instead. The cringing results: pencil thin, witch eyebrows which have never fully grown back to its original state. Thankfully, after some serious months of commitment in attempts to grow my eyebrows, I took the rest of my worries to the brown mavens and experts at BBB, who were able to completely transform my stubborn peepers! *Victory Dance*


– Bombay Brow Bar? – 

Amy and Ravi Minhas, the dynamic sister masterminds had a simple vision of inspiring the world through beauty and certifying that women always feel and look beautiful. Enter: BBB; an extremely lavish, fusion infused brow bar offering a range of the most impeccable services inspired through the foundation of the Indian routes of eyebrow threading. In business for over 5 years now; the god sent treat for the women of Vancouver has three established locations (Yaletown, Kitsilano and Shangri-La Hotel) in our ever so gorgeous city.

– Branding – 

Being such a muse to prominent color scheming, I must mention how incomparable, feminine enticing and fabulous BBB’s signature brand colors of royal purple, hot pink and hints of gold are. At first glance, whether you are walking by the brow bar or generally browsing through their website every and any women would be captivated by their remarkable color pairing; which is consistent and evident through their entire boutique-like bar setting. AND also being such a muse to Indian cinema I absolutely admire the prominent incorporation of Bollywood – whether it be through a beautiful canvas painting or Bollywood dance numbers projected through a TV which is put in the shade of the Brow Bar’s personal take on western music. What’s truly brilliant and even more intriguing for BBB’s diverse clientele base is their overall execution of incorporating traces of Indian motifs, culture and glamour within all three of their central locations. BBB_ShangriLa1

– Customer Care – 

The brow specialists – beauty beauticians and receptionist at every location are professional to the T, extremely friendly and offer the most phenomenal service. Upon arrival the receptionist confirms the details of your appointment, insists to hang your coat and offers you water or specialty chai while you wait a few minutes for your appointment. Your personal designated brow art maven will greet you, ask you about the services/appointment you have made, walk you through an entire complementary consultation until you are comfortable and content with the service/product they are about to apply and in a timely fashion blow your mind away.

– Bombshell Brows Service – 

The most acknowledged and signature $24 service is not your average waxing/threading. The beauty beauticians provide a complementary consultation and step by step analysis of your brows in order to define the best suitable brow sculpt and arch for your face. You choose the preferred technique of brow shaping which is followed through by the beauty experts penned in guidelines from a white crayon marker. After the pain-free procedure, you have the option of rosewater or aloe vera gel application for your brows. The service is then wrapped up by the most amazing forehead and brow massage AND the choice of complimentary brow makeup. Words cannot even define the overall service and experience level. I always have people say to me $24 bucks to get your eyebrows threaded?!?! My response: One visit to BBB and you will forever be a Bombay Bombshell!

– Recent Experience – 

Just a few days before Vancouver Fashion Week’s FW15 season, I visited BBB to take care of my out of control furry friends. Going through that nightmare of an experience explained above, I ranted my little heart away to the beauty beautician at the Shangri La location. The skilled beautician studied my uneven shape, arch and in grown hairs. Sitting upright I held a mirror up to my face, while she drew in the details around my brows and gave me her personal insight as to what we were going to be doing with my bad boys. Initially, she told me that I should continue to grow my eyebrows out for another 4-6 weeks and apply castor oil religiously to my brows, massaging in an outwards motion. Followed by our current game plan: a fine line of ingrown hairs at the bottom of my brows would stay as is, threading my brows to ensure that both sides were even, tweaking my arch to perfection and final cleaning touches. All of these steps were implemented without having to sacrifice the overall thickness of what I had grown in for countless months. Her suggestion for hair growth through castor oil has been working wonders and I highly recommend it to all of you lovelies that are struggling with brow growth. I have few more weeks till my next visit and I have never been more content with the current shape of my brows. Take a look:

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10 thoughts on “BEAUTY: The Bombay Brow Bar Experience

  1. Wow! Such gorgeous decor. I don’t think we have a threading place in Sydney that gorgeous or with service like that.
    Great tip with the castor oil 🙂

    xx zoya

  2. This place looks AMAZING. I’ve never let anyone near my eyebrows. I’ve just seen beauticians get too pluck happy and nothing but little caterpillars left after. However, I would let those girls at my brows with no hesitation whatsoever.

    • Uggghhh. Tell me about it! As I mentioned in my post above .. the one time I chose to not go there I went through months and months of absolute trauma attempting to grow them out. The ladies at BBB were truly my knight and shining armors 😉

  3. Who would have thought 😊 an elite and exquisite brow bar. Such an innovative business 👍 oh and I love my eyebrows to be really thick and shapely too 😑

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