Whimsical Boho Feat. Lisa Haydon X Sahar Atif

Let me just take a moment to reflect, rave and obsess over this ever so damn fine women! This ‘A’ class model/actress is the euphony of legs for days, she is so uniquely striking and has been slaying publication covers, brand campaigns and red carpet appearances for the last several months. She makes my heart race a thousand miles per minute and I’m not even a man! I’m sure every Indian cinema muse is either envious of her or simply wants to be her. Of course I am referring to the Bollywood bombshell, Lisa Haydon.


AND let me take another moment to reflect on Pakistani designer Sahar Atif. SAAI by Sahar Atif was born in 2004 and the designer identified the signature of her brand through the incorporation of Pakistani craft, culture and eccentric colors. In a sense the female form is her greatest inspiration as she alternates and creates diversity for her brand by producing creations which sometimes hug the silhouette of a women’s body and other times drape and flow ever so beautifully.

LisaHaydon_PapperaziMagazine5Sahar’s most recent collection is a range of accessories and western attire which has been spun into this bold editorial series encompassing “the freedom of expression through personal style” A Whimsical Boho styled by the ever so talented Gautam Kaira, the perfect fusion crossover of graphic prints mixed with abstract art, all the colors of the rainbow and layers of remarkable accessories are thrown against prominent backdrops of stripes, a safari of parrots and floral madness.

Lisa Haydon looks fierce as ever as she embodies boho chic with a strong tribal twist and extravagant hints of ethnic references. Simply mind-boggling in the most captivating and inspirational form! Sahar Atif is definitely on my radar list of designers to look out for as my imagination is flooding through the roof at the moment. What a work of art, bravo to the team!

Hope you lovelies are inspired as much as I am! Time to enjoy the sunshine! Xo.

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