TRAVEL: 10 Cruise Ship Essentials

In less than three days, I will be soaking in the sun in my cute bikini and cocktail in hand while overlooking the beautiful ocean. That’s right! This little piggy will be on an all-inclusive cruise to Cantina Island with her best friend. Jealous much? Please be … as I am physically and mentally exhausted and am in desperate need of a vacation! BUT I had a bit of a dilemma that had me be bewildered for few weeks until yesterday… What the hell to pack for a cruise ship vacation?!?!

What I got so far is … a bit of EVERYTHING that is appropriate and suitable for all weather conditions AND I must pack wisely …*rolling eye emoji* I have asked countless heads, looked up videos on Youtube, utilized Google to its absolute maximum digital power and attempted to be inspired through Pinterest. The lists are endless and quite repetitive, which is why I have broken it down into my personal 10 on-board cruise ship essentials. Hopefully, this list can be of assistance to some of you in the near future 🙂 Here it goes!


Kind of a no brainer, especially if you are travelling on board. I bought a travel size first-aid kit and put it into a separate zip-lock bag and labelled it ‘ERRRRRRR’ ha-ha. In this zip-lock bag I also included Advil, Tums, motion sickness medicine, Pepto Bismal, mints and gum.


 Be smart and try to save a few or several dollars when you can! A drink on the ship can range anywhere between $10-$20 per glass; so substitute those water bottles in your suitcase for a bottle of vodka instead 😉 AND each passenger is permitted one bottle of wine to bring on board! Yeap and the excitement heightens …


The water stations/fountains on the ship contain drinkable water, therefore a nifty water bottle will be extremely handy and another cost efficient outlet to save those extra bucks. Utilize that re-usable cup for your own bought drinks when you are waltzing on deck, soaking in that sunshine and enjoying the cool ocean breeze.


I am petrified beyond words of the dark and apparently it gets rather gloomy during the evenings in the rooms. Need I say more?



To protect your appliances and electronics from voltage spikes AND to give yourself those extra outlets as the rooms have a very limited number.


As much as I LOVE shoes .. they are such a pain in the rear end to travel with; especially when you need a range of all styles. I am packing my converse sneakers, nude heels, black heels, strappy sandals, flip-flops and water-proof shoes. The right shoes will be needed for the given appropriate dinners, day-day adventures and pool sessions.


For those long talks watching the sun set and the over-conditioned indoors. I am packing a denim jacket, a thick cozy over-sized cardigan, a poncho and a light cardigan.



Mandatory essentials for the entire duration of your cruise that is to be applied 742384723 times a day … I know I would most definitely be applying that many times in a day 😉 AND waterproof would be ideal!



For quality, memory space and the sake of being away from your tech-savvy gadget as much as possible; take that damn camera that’s collecting dust alongside the charger and batteries galore. Pictures last a lifetime and capture as many moments as you can … you will be extremely grateful in the long run.


Is an explanation really needed? Let’s just say I need my Bollywood soul-stirrers and old-school hip hop jams while I put my pretty face on in the mornings.

Done, done and DONE! Well atleast the essentials are taken care of. Now for my next challenge, packing my clothes without over-packing. Leaving in three days and I have not the slightest clue as to what to pack besides ALL my sunglasses.

Oh the struggles … What’s on your essentials list?

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10 thoughts on “TRAVEL: 10 Cruise Ship Essentials

    • Thanks doll! I’m pretty excited but it slightly hasn’t sunk in just yet … so much to still do in a matter of 24 hours. Brainstorming already in terms of what to blog about when I get back. Wooo! 🙂

  1. Jealous much?? The answer is YAAAS! Haha. I absolutely love cruises because you don’t really have to think. I know you will have an absolute blast. You’d better post pics!!!! I’m leaving for my vacation on the 21st, so it looks like we are both in need of a little R&R.

    Safe travels!!!

    • It most definitely is the most incredible experience! I’ll be doing a round up of my vacation and some other shenanigans once I catch up on some sleep! Keep posted and yes indeed work hard! 😉

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