TRAVEL: What’s in your travel purse?

Err. Mah. Gawd. So I have FINALLY started packing my things for my vacation which is less than 24 hours, eeeeek! Of course I got distracted in between and thought ok now that my purse is all good to go, I am going to take a worthy breather and share with all of you loves as to what I packed in my travel purse! I included this Polyvore segment into a ‘Flight Mode’ feature I had written for KARMA Magazine, several seasons ago AND believe it or not all the components in my purse at the moment are almost identical to what’s listed below; minus all the cute little packaging.
What's in your travel purse?AND here is the quick 411 on what’s inside my Michael Kors purse: 
Ballerina flat shoes | MK wallet | Ipad | Headphones | Travel size makeup kit | Rollerball | Lipbalm | Body lotion | Travel toothbrush + paste | Novel | Gum | Hand-sanitizer | Hair-brush | Blanket | Facial wipes | Passport 
Back to my luggage I go! Keep posted. Xo. 

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12 thoughts on “TRAVEL: What’s in your travel purse?

  1. Love it! Great tips! Hand-sanitzer is the world’s best friend, haha. I always forget about bringing packable flats. Definitely something I need to remember this week too. Happy packing!!

  2. Whenever I travel by plane I always keep a backpack as a carry bag and I like stuff it with tiny things. Pens, notebook, journal, hair clips, hair ties, hankerchiefs, comb/hair brush, glasses case, pair of socks, tiny hand sanitizer bottle, IPod Touch, earphones, charger, lose change, lip balm; that’s not even all of it. xD Have a wonderful journey!

  3. I always find these blog posts and equivalent YouTube videos most interesting. Even though I’m not going anywhere I always like to have a checklist ready for luggage and hand luggage ready for when the day comes that we book our next trip.

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