BEAUTY: Royal King Wedding Expo 2015

Remember that time few months ago when I attended the South Asian wedding expo in my city and I wore this fabulous Minnie Mouse ‘Monopop’ saree by Masaba Gupta and Satya Paul’s final collaboration together….

OOTD_Monopop6Now, I’m sure you all remember. Well, aside from my AH-MAZE-ING saree; my overall glam getup for the day was definitely on fleek AND of course I didn’t do that myself because when it comes to hair and makeup I can be quite the amateur. I am a master of my basic day-day applications which entails my own version of some ‘smokey eye’ looks and how to paint my lips with a bold color – that is it. I have got the personal styling portion under control, hence I leave the beauty aspect of things to the professionals. ENTER: Amita Suranna from A/S Fusion Studios – I can always rely on this trusted and absolutely remarkable makeup artist/hairstylist and dear friend. Amita has never failed to blow me away with the countless looks she has created for me via photoshoots and elaborate events; always acknowledging my ideas and then tweaking the overall look to perfection with her own personal flair. With this particular saree, I figured I have to go big or go home with a super sultry, smokey eye tinted with bronze/rose gold, lots of liner, intense lashes and a nude, sparkly almost tangerine lip. Here is the faultless look that Amita created:

Sonam_MonopopBeauty2AND here is a quick 411 on the products she used specifically for my eyes:

MAC ‘sublime nature’ primer | MAC ‘slick black’ greasepaint stick | MAC ‘carbon’ eyeshadow | MAC ‘chestnut’ eye shadow |MAC ‘creemshine’ eyeshadow for highlight | Stila liquid eyeliner | Urban Decay pencil liner for waterline

When it comes to an overall favorite glam look … the entire black, smokey eye has got to be my absolute favorite look EVER! I really love how the dark shadows highlight my brown peepers and makes my eyes appear larger than they already are; which is never a bad thing 😉 I must say that Amita totally slayed this beauty up on me and despite my outfit being a total hit; my make-up truly heightened my overall look that afternoon. Thank you Amita! ❤

What is your personal favorite go-to look? Let me know! Xo.

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