April 2015 Shopping Haul

So where did the month of April fly off to?!? Let’s see .. brother bear and papa bear’s birthday, organizing/hosting a baby shower, the best vacation I have ever taken – blog posts in the works, and brainstorming/planning new conceptual shoots and upcoming projects. Such a remarkable month with minimal purchases; two articles of clothing, a few lipsticks and some stylish goods for the little princess who is to make her debut in my life in just a month! Here are my favorite purchases for the month of April:


BorderPrintJumpsuit_UrbanOutfittersSuch an impulsive purchase! That instant on the rack spotting and firing off justifications to make the buy without even trying on. Points of purchase – comfort to the T, transitional from day-evening, wouldn’t have to shave if I didn’t want to, its NAVY BLUE (One of my absolute favorite colors to wardrobe with) and I’m sure I can alter it into some cute outfits for Fall. Oh the ridiculous and much-needed validations … always work like a charm 😉



Let’s talk about my most recent lip addiction, shall we … I refer to this shade as the ‘Deepi lippie’ AKA Deepika Padukone’s most commonly used bold shade of lipstick which she flaunts and carries impeccably. Purchased this bad boy just two weeks ago and now I question as to why I did not make the buy several years ago?!! Especially, since I adore painting my lips in prominent colors. This lipstick is the ‘IT’ shade for those amazing summer days, as it is the perfect combination blend of  neon tangerine and blood red. If you are a sucker for bright lips … try it ladies; you will not be disappointed!



This dress is seriously EVERYTHING. During this season I love incorporating anything with mesh and/or crochet into my wardrobe – its easy to wear, keeps me cool and majority of the styles are always a hit! I have been on the hunt for a straight silhouette “athletic” inspired dress for quite some time now and this particular style being entirely net mesh was definitely a winner! I especially admire the empowering details such as the incorporation of blue’s, burgundy’s and whites on the crew neck and the understated chest pockets. Cannot wait to rock this number with some corky knee high socks, eccentric heels and a bold lip!

Wooooo! What a quick and efficient round up for April 🙂 Comment below and let me know which piece(s) are your favorites and if you have any styling tips/tricks/ideas please do share.

Happy hump day everyone! ❤

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14 thoughts on “April 2015 Shopping Haul

  1. i love the jumpsuit so much!
    i haven’t been blogging for very long and would love if you could check my blog out and give me pointers 🙂

  2. The lipstick is truly divine! Let me know how you like it .. I’m a tad bit obsessed with the dress, have worn it a few times already; a great transitional and comfy piece! Thanks for stopping by lady! Xo.

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